aliens respond “who is paul and how did he die?”

by lestro

Apparently on Tuesday NASA beamed the song “Across the Universe” toward the North Star. And now, some other people think that by sending them the Beatles, we are asking for trouble. Dig:

“I have no fear that NASA’s latest transmission exposes Earth to any danger from aliens,” he tells The Daily Telegraph.

“However, I do believe that even symbolic transmissions from Earth deserve broad-based discussion before hitting “send.”

“Although one-time transmissions to distant stars stand little chance of being intercepted, they do set a precedent for intentionally making ourselves known to other civilizations.”

“I think the more important question is what we would want to say about ourselves to other worlds, and that’s something deserving of global input,” he says.

First of all, do you know anyone who doesn’t like the Beatles? We don’t want to talk to any aliens who don’t like the Beatles. They’re The Beatles. I mean, come on.

But beyond that, my first thought was that it was a marketing ploy for the movie that was released on DVD tuesday?

It was the anniversary of the song being recorded, but still…

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