Book VIII: Terrorist Request Live

In a new video, Osama bin Laden makes a pitch to JFK conspiracy theorists, and environmentalists (And what’s with that beard?)

by scut

Originally published Sept. 8, 2007 

Six years after the president of the United States, a man whose supporters claim to admire his steadfast determination and focus, declared Osama bin Laden would be brought to justice “dead or alive” even if it meant smoking him out of his hole, bin Laden has once again appeared in a video designed to taunt the president and by proxy the american people.

Though the focus in most major media outlets is on the lack of an implicit threat of an attack, we have spent the past six years hearing about how these tapes often contain hidden messages to his followers, i only saw one outlet look a little deeper into that and i have to say, what they found, if true, is terrifying:

“In the video bin Laden appears with a trimmed beard that is apparently dyed black, hiding the streaks of gray seen in previous footage. He wears a beige cloak over a white robe, and looks more like a Muslim cleric than a fighter.

According to Azzam Tamimi, head of the London-based Institute of Islamic Political Thought, the beard dye is a “sign of war.”

The rigorous Salafi Islamic school to which bin Laden belongs “condones this dye only in preparation for war,” he said.”


There are plenty of news reports where you can see the high points of the tape, such as bin laden’s proposal that we all convert to islam as a way to end the war, but a deeper look at the transcript provides an indictment of our government and policies and especially the capitalist system and media that even has him talking about the JFK assassination.

Beyond not making any direct threats for attacks, bin Laden takes the opportunity to point out how America has been essentially playing into his hand, almost thanking the president for invading iraq.

Exchanging the camouflage and rifle for a more clerically and scholarly sort of look, bin Laden seems to be trying to appear learned and busts out a lecture that is an attempt to argue about why he believes he is actually winning.

“Since the 11th, many of America’s policies have come under the influence of the mujahadeen…As a result, the people discover the truth about [America], its reputation worsen, its prestige was broken globally and it was bled dry economically even if our interests overlap with the interests of the major corporations and also with those of the neoconservatives, despite the differing intentions.

“As for your information media, during the first years of the war, lost its credibility and manifested itself as a tool of the colonialist empires, and its condition has often been worse than the condition of the media of the dictatorial regimes which march in the caravans of the single leader.

“Then Bush talks about his working with al-Malaki and his government to spread freedom in Iraq but he is in fact working with the leaders of one sect against another sect in the belief that this will quickly decide the war in his favor.

“And thus what is called the civil war came into being and matters worsened at his hands before getting out of control and him becoming like the one who plows and sows the sea he harvests nothing but failure.”

Essentially, bin Laden is saying that our presence and influence in Iraq is at least partially to blame for the civil war currently happening in that country. And it’s not us leaving that would give him a victory. Us simply being there is a victory for him.

As he starts to build steam, he just keeps coming at President Bush and the american people by proxy for electing him. he even takes shots at the dems for promising to end the war and doing nothing, essentially saying it makes a mockery of democracy.

He also offers a theory as to why, blaming the corporation who are getting rich off of wars, saying they are really at fault here and goes on to say how the democrats will not stop this war because they too are backed by major corporations who are making money off this thing.

“There shouldn’t be any cause for astonishment … You’re the ones who have a saying which goes ‘Money Talks.'”

He then says our current system is “harsher and fiercer” than that of fiefdoms in the middle ages because it makes the whole world a fiefdom of the corporations.

He goes on to say that even after the war was proven “unjust and unfair” we did nothing to hold responsible those who started it, actually calling Rumsfeld “the most violent of its murderers.”

Then he talks about how we even gave Bush a second term, calls us complicit and says our claims of innocence over spilling blood are the same as if he claimed innocence of Sept. 11.

Then he gives a shout out to Noam Chomsky (which the right wing is going to fucking love) for giving “sober” advice to the “president of Texas.”

Weird, but it gets weirder.

Next, he blames “major corporations” making money off Vietnam for killing Kennedy because Kennedy wanted out of Vietnam. While this information is dubious at best since Kennedy actually increased the troop presence in Vietnam when he got into office, it is kind of interesting that he has a theory…

He then says Americans can keep protesting with placards, but that will only end up extending the war.

THEN he blasts the president for pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol. He even says “all of mankind is in danger because of global warming” and blames the fucking corporations churning out war machines for dumping more and more pollution into the air!

“The greatest of plagues and most dangerous of threats to the lives of humans is taking place in an accelerating fashion as the world is being dominated by the democratic system which confirms its massive failure to protect humans and their interests from the greed and avarice of the major corporations and their representatives.”


Finally, he goes on an extended islamic sales pitch for a couple of pages, in which he includes the gem “there are no taxes in islam.”

This whole situation, especially this video, which the Washington Post called “professionally produced,” pisses me off and i wish i could say my anger was directed solely at this rat fuck of a terrorists, but i can’t.

The New Yorker in me starts to take it personally and I can’t help but blame the president losing his focus and NOT going after this fucker, purposefully diverting the military from bin Laden and attacking Iraq, which – say what you will about WMDs and Saddam being a bad man and all that – was certainly not an imminent threat…

How is this motherfucker still making these movies? Why is the real killer still running free with enough time on his hands to read Chomsky and watch “JFK” while we busied ourselves with a war of choice?

This must be what Ron Goldman’s father feels like.

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