Stripteasin’ for Justice: “La Diosa del Metro”

by twit

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy Minutes” via the BBC:

Police in Chile have arrested a stripper who was attempting to remove her clothes outside the presidential palace in the capital, Santiago.

Her arrest comes three days after she performed a series of striptease dances on the Santiago underground, the metro.

Monserrat Morilles told reporters that her performances were aimed at challenging the prudishness of Chilean society and that they would continue.

yes, yes of course there is video:

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bonjour tout le monde

by twit

which translates into “NSFW” and “causing a bit of a commotion,” because apparently no one can figure out how and when the pictures were taken, so France now readies itself for a spate of copycats…


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Stripteasin’ for Justice

by twit

The campaigners in their pants

from the BBC:

Campaign group Pants to Poverty said the “pantathlon” showed “the unfinished business of third world debt”

… “Ten years ago this same weekend, 70,000 people gave birth to a new phase in the fight against poverty.

“This event shows our committed ‘panters’ are prepared to drop their clothes to drive governments to drop the debt.”

Craig Haynes, 22, of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, was one of those taking part.

He said: “We’re here, not to expose ourselves, but to expose injustice.”

Conservative Students for a Better Bathroom

by twit

looks like they have a lot of work to do… because with this kind of menace running around:

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morning cartoons

by twit

and the crowd goes wild…

when it looks like obama flips clinton a bird…

and then Obama gets that dirt off his shoulders:

with a little help from Jay-Z

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Night of the Living Barbies

by twit, i’m scared…

or something like that…

“The story is tied to the fact that Jenna Jameson is starring in Zombie Strippers, which, while it may be kitschy, is not porn.”

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dick! you dog!

by lestro

I agree with loadz.

I haven’t seen Cheney smile like this since he shot that dude in the face.

“fly fishing,” eh? is that what the kids are calling it these days?

After the first glance at this picture, and the reflection in the Vice President’s glasses, I might just have to look further into this “fly fishing” …

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