Book VI: Damned if we do, damned if we don’t

Here i am, stuck in the middle with you

by scut

Originally published Aug. 24, 2007

Well, the new National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq is out and it firmly establishes the situation in Iraq as a Quagmire of magnanimous, Rosie O’Donnell-like proportions.

Quagmire, by the way, is a word most often associated with the U.S. policy in Vietnam, with which until this week the president did everything he could to avoid comparing his mess in Iraq.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the Pres switched up and decided to do a while speech in front of veterans about how Iraq is like Vietnam and how if we leave iraq, like we did vietnam, bad things will happen.

The irony, of course, is that the president and vice president did everything they could to avoid fighting in Vietnam (going AWOL from the Alabama National Guard, which daddy pulled some string to get him into, and five deferments, respectively), because, obviously, it’s easier to recognize a bad idea when you are the one getting shot at than when you are sending someone else’s kids to get shot at…

According to the president, the US pullout of Vietnam caused thousands of people to die at the hands of the Khymer Rouge in Cambodia.

Of course, as pointed out in an excellent analysis piece in the 8/23 NY Times, it was the US invasion of Cambodia that led to the rise of the Khymer Rouge in the first place. But, of course, this president has never really had a need for history or facts…

Much like it is the invasion of Iraq that led to Iraq becoming the terror state it is today as well as the creation of al qaida in iraq, which the president, of course, now uses to justify the “mission” in Iraq.

Above all, even with his revisionist views of the 20th Century’s wars, the president continues to advocate that we stay in Iraq to complete the “mission,” which no one has been able to define in about four years.

Originally, the military was there to disarm Iraq, but that fell apart almost immediately. Next, was the overthrow Saddam Hussein and liberate the iraqi people. Which, of course, is a military goal that was achieved in near-record time. The president celebrated said victory with his very own Michael Dukakis chickenshit-in-a-helmet moment on the deck of an air craft carrier with a big “Mission Accomplished” sign behind him and declared “major combat operations” to be over.

Turns out he was right.

The problem was that the President had no idea what happened next and had such a hard-on to invade that he and his pack of warmongers just rushed in and assumed democracy and security would magically happen and they could get on to invading someone else.

So naturally, when things started to unravel, the president decided to blame the military and change their mission. Again and again and again. and then he decided to blame the Democrats and the military for his political failures and inability to plan beyond “bomb the shit out of them.”

Pathetic. maybe if the president would stop moving the goalposts of “success,” the military would get closer to it

Although you do have to be impressed with the American-style democracy we installed over there and just how quickly the Iraqis got the hang of it. Just like our leadership, the elected officials of the Iraqi parliament care more about their party and their backers than their nation and despite not being able to pass any legislation of consequence or complete any of the tasks for which they were elected, they are currently on a big vacation.

Just like our leaders, especially our president, who last week broke the record for vacation days (while vacation days for the rest of us in the workforce [not including teachers] continue to decline…).


And now comes a new National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq, a big to-do of a document that is supposed to tell us where we stand in Iraq.

And, to paraphrase, we’re screwed.

According to the NIE, sectarian violence has expanded and the Iraqi government remains useless and there is little if anything we can do about it.

However, it also says that if we leave  and/or shift our focus to just supporting the Iraqi forces it will only get worse.

YEAH! Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, how about you?

I wish i could end this with a solution or something, but the best i can do is to simply  point out that since we screwed up so bad nothing we do will make it better, maybe – just maybe – fewer Americans would get shot and more money would be available to fix our crumbling infrastructure if we stopped putting our forces in between the bullets and bombs they keep shooting at each other…

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