Our American Values and Character

by joshua

“Ten years later, I’d say America came through this thing in a way that was consistent with our character. We’ve made mistakes. Some things haven’t happened as quickly as they needed to. But overall, we took the fight to al-Qaida, we preserved our values, we preserved our character.” President Obama to NBC News

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One Response to Our American Values and Character

  1. Garry says:

    G’Day! Apocalyptickiwi,
    On a similar note,, If that is a fact, then it is beautifully truthful to problem Obama on his church, his black liberation theology, and the hate speeches from Hillary and white colored folks.

    How can a racial hate not be challenged in a Presidential applicant?

    How can Obama use words like “..average white American..” and that is not viewed as racist?

    I presume it is time to expose this guy for what he is, a character-significantly less con guy who stole the nomination from the only an individual trained, which is Hillary Clinton.

    How about you? Fatigued of the bias?

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