the enemy of my enemy is my friend

by lestro

Another one bites the dust.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney announced today that he is dropping out of the race for the Republican nomination. And no one is surprised, though it must be said no other candidate’s hair even comes close to looking as presidential…

Despite winning a handful of a relatively small caucus states on Super Tuesday, the big story was that despite the success of Romney’s message about John McCain ‘not being a true conservative,’ voters overwhelmingly went for Mike Huckabee. Which is something I admit I don’t understand from people who backed George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, both of whom spent money like drunken monkeys, with the main mouthpiece leading the charge a thrice-divorced drug addict for whom disrespect of a Republican President is treason while complete disrespect of a Democratic President is not only fair game, but bumper sticker fodder.

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afternoon cartoons

by twit

Vengeful deity endorses Obama via Gawker

Killer Tornadoes Attack Only Clinton Country

does God hate Hillary? (And note: Obama won Alabama, but Hillary won each county in that state with a recorded death from Tuesday’s storms.)

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