A Reminder for Democrats on Super Tuesday

by lestro

Well it is Super Tuesday, and while we will still probably not have a Democratic Nomination at day’s end, we should be a lot closer to knowing who will be riding the Donkey in November.

The choice seems to come down to this: Hillary wants to talk about policy detail and legislation. Obama wants to talk about larger concepts of vision and hope.

A quick review of the past shows that while Americans tend to favor Democratic policy – and, for the record, most of them seem to work better in the long run than Republican legislation – we still tend to elect Republicans as President.

Why? Because they apparently understand the electorate better, as well as the way the system is set up: policy and legislation are for Congress. Presidents are about vision and leadership.

Presidents, despite what they may say during the campaigns, do NOT write legislation, Congress does. The President should set the tone and the agenda, but not write laws.

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