Bubba vs. Bubba

by lestro

The Clinton campaign continued the tired experience attack today, with the former president taking personal offense that he is not getting his due for his legacy as president:

Former President Clinton on Friday accused Sen. Barack Obama, his wife’s rival for the Democratic nomination, of trying to ignore any accomplishments they achieved during their years in the White House.

“You have one candidate who’s made the explicit argument that the only way we can change America is to move into a post-partisan future and therefore we have to eliminate from consideration for the presidency anybody who made good things happen in the ’90s or stopped bad things from happening in this decade,” said Clinton

Without mentioning Obama by name, Clinton said the Illinois senator was promoting a position that it’s “actually an advantage to not have any experience because you’ve not made anybody mad.”

But that’s a different tune than he was singing in the first debate of the 1992, when the topic of experience was the first issue they discussed, though nowadays, President Clinton sounds more like his former rival:

President Bush: Well, I think one thing that distinguishes is experience. I think we’ve dramatically changed the world. I’ll talk about that a little bit later, but the changes are mind-boggling for world peace. Kids go to bed at night without the same fear of nuclear war. And change for change’s sake isn’t enough. We saw that message in the late seventies when we heard a lot about change. And what happened? That “misery index” went right through the roof. […]

Mr. Lehrer: Governor Clinton, how do you respond to the President — you have 2 minutes — on the question of experience? He says that is what distinguishes him from the other two of you.

Governor Clinton: I believe experience counts, but it’s not everything. Values, judgment, and the record that I have amassed in my State also should count for something. I’ve worked hard to create good jobs and to educate people. My State now ranks first in the country in job growth this year, fourth in income growth, fourth in the reduction of poverty, third in overall economic performance, according to a major news magazine. That’s because we believe in investing in education and in jobs.

We have to change in this country. You know, my wife, Hillary, gave me a book about a year ago in which the author defined insanity as just doing the same old thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We have got to have the courage to change.

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Real News To Terrorize Y’all’s Neighborhood

by squishmael

I was in first or second grade when another student went up in front of the class, wearing a t-shirt with a photo of some girl dancing on a strangely-lit walkway, to demonstrate something called the “moonwalk.”

It wasn’t long after that I made the connection in realizing that the girl on his shirt was an all-of-a-sudden monumentally popular singer named Michael Jackson. It also wasn’t long before my mom helped me making my own white glove to wear with my red and black “Thriller” jacket and zipper-happy “Beat It” pants.

The collision of pop-culture marketing and my small town elementary school kid sensibilities prompted an earthquake-sized influence on my appreciation for music and the re-release of THRILLER is an aftershock that I can’t help, but, to let hit me 25 years after the initial jolt.

You can go on about all of the crazy crap that Jackson has been involved with over the years, but, just the first few beats from “Billie Jean” are enough to make me wish that I was the little brown chimp that Jacko referred to as “Bubbles,” instead of the big fat albino gorilla that I am. So, forget about the issues in the presidential race. Just tell me who Michael endorses and they’ll get my vote.