Free Mars

Satire or honest opinion, you decide…

justice4all by justice

first published August 9, 2007

First: an advertisement from NASA about the future of space exploration:

Next: Let’s stop deluding ourselves about how bad things are going for the planet and how much worse it stands to get. Be it global warming, global strife, overpopulation, resource scarcity, profound poverty or massive pollution, things are getting pretty bad. I know I’ve lost count of how many wars are currently going on right now on our planet, and I try to pay attention to these things.

This world is a complete mess.

I think America is mostly numb to this. I think we shut it out while we still know, deep down, that something is terribly wrong. I think that when people are faced with a situation they can perceive no good solution for, a kind of learned helplessness sets in, and the numb routine of life takes over. I think we don’t want to fully acknowledge what so many indicators are telling us, because we have no idea how to stop it from getting worse.

I know I have no idea how to fix this world so it doesn’t break down in the next century or so.

But I know that lots of people on this planet have incredible and fascinating ideas about how to build fair and effective governments, design sustainable urban spaces, grow bountiful food without overtaxing the environment, all sorts of beautiful dreams about how it could be.

I’m suggesting that we continue in our efforts to fulfill those dreams on this planet, but I am also suggesting that we keep in mind how it could be if we started a new colony, on a relatively nearby planet, preferably one that has water, such as Mars just might.

What would the government look like?

How would you build a city if you could start from scratch?

Given the limited amount of time we seem to have, I suggest we start planning now.

So wake up America, and keep dreaming.

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