A Vote for the American Dream

by twit

It is true that there is much to be afraid of with the ongoing demonization of Obama by the McCain campaign.  Many people are rightly concerned that it could incite people to violence against Obama.

The Politico reports on October 16, 2008:

Letterman also asked McCain whether Palin said that Obama “pals around with terrorists.”

After hesitating for a moment, McCain answered, “Yes. And he did.”

Do we want to live in an America defined by fear?  Not voting for Obama because of a fear that he will be assassinated is a vote for an America defined by fear.  It is a victory for violence and rage.

Via MSNBC on October 17, 2008:

The Ayers robo-calls hit: McCain’s “campaign is blanketing battleground states with automated phone calls that accuse Democrat Barack Obama of working closely with a domestic terrorist, of holding extreme views on abortion and of ‘putting Hollywood above America,’” the Wall Street Journal reports, adding, “Democrats have tracked them in 10 competitive states: Colorado, Nevada, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Virginia, Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Maine, where Republicans hope to snag a single electoral vote given to the winner of the northern congressional district.”

I can’t see the future.  I can’t promise that some lunatic won’t be inspired by the McCain campaign to try to harm Obama.  But if I let fear guide my decisions, then the lunatics win.

Every day that Obama is in office is a victory for this nation.  It is a victory against racism, against inequality and against war.  It is an affirmation of the America that we want to live in, it is our definition of the future we seek for this country.

I realize that if I was around back when JFK was running for President, and if I knew in advance that he would be assassinated, I still would have voted for him.  His vision for this country was too important to give up on simply because he would not be able to see it through.  JFK renewed hope in America, he gave voice to our American Dream.

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