But where’s Johnny Mac?

by lestro

So I saw a McCain ad today in the Washington Post:

And according to Factcheck.org, “McCain misrepresents Obama’s tax proposals again. And again, and again.”

Want to know how John McCain voted on Senate Concurrent Resolution 70?  Well, on both March 14 and June 6, the senior senator from Arizona did not vote.

Let me pull a Biden here and say that again: Did not vote on the budget resolution in question. In March, he was one of four to not vote (there was one ‘present’ vote) and five in June (two ‘present’). In fact, so far this year, McCain has missed 81 percent of the votes including 98 percent in the second quarter and every single vote in the third quarter.

(To be fair, Obama has missed 64 percent of the votes this year.)

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