Denver left behind

by twit

Is there really so little news out there that an omg-space-alien-in-the-window story gets this much coverage?

A video you can watch by clicking on the pic is the local news channel doing a fairly oblivious caricature of itself, at least from the twit’s perspective.

Some more oblivious than others, perhaps…

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clearly, the end is near

by twit

and I don’t necessarily mean the End Times, but some kind of doom seems to be afoot, given the volume of recent reports of children left far, far behind…

From western Canada, so funny it hurts:

“There’s aliens, real-life aliens on a wall,” one unidentified girl said. “No one believes us.”

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we’re kind of between leaders at the moment…

by twit this kind of thing seems to happen so often, it hardly lifts an eyebrow these days…

Starting in Phoenix, reports flood a local radio station, including a witness describing lights in the sky as

“about 3,000 feet high, approximately. They looked as though they were kind of hovering or floating from west to east, very slowly. They were up there for 15 or 20 minutes.”

Better yet, reports:

Ian Gregor, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, said, “A lot of people were reporting seeing some strange lights in the sky around Phoenix last night.

Air traffic controllers at the control tower at Sky Harbor saw them. But, we have no idea what they were.”

Gregor added, tongue-in-cheek,

It could be aliens coming down to save us from ourselves, you never know. The only thing I do know is if they were coming down, they weren’t talking to air traffic controllers.”

sigh. perhaps click the image to link to the Simpsons episode “Citizen Kang,” so we can all laugh together…

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