like flies

by lestro

Less than 24 hours after the Florida primary and already two of this election season’s heavyweights are throwing in the towel.

On the Democratic side, the New York Times (and other media outlets) are reporting that John Edwards has decided to end his quest for the nomination.

It was only a matter of time, really. After campaigning in Iowa for about six years, Edwards finished second and vowed to fight on, but was counting on the momentum from an Iowa victory to launch him past Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In New Hampshire, he pulled only 17 percent, then dropped to 4 percent in Nevada (where even the major unions – groups he courted for years and a natural constituency for his fiery, populist message – endorsed other candidates) and only pulled in 18 percent in South Carolina, the state where he was born and neighbor to the state he represented in the Senate.

Last night in Florida, a state whose delegates have been stripped by the Democratic National Convention, Edwards again only garnered 14 percent of the vote and despite having racked up 26 delegates (compared to Obama’s 63 and Clinton’s 48), it looks like Edwards has decided not to fight on, meaning the top two can now go on a little more secure that Edwards will not play kingmaker. Read more of this post