welcome to the future

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From The Jerusalem Post on Jan 23, 2008:

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians crossed into Egypt from Gaza on Wednesday after gunmen destroyed about two-thirds of the Gaza-Egypt border wall. Most of the Gazans returned after stocking up on food and other basic supplies that have become scarce due to the blockade imposed on the territory by Israel.

UN personnel said they estimated the number of Palestinians who entered Egypt to be 350,000.

Via McClatchy, this is a 2005 pic of the wall that was knocked down:


and this is a pic of the wall in January, 2008:


UPDATE: From the Guardian on Jan 26, 2008:

Egyptian soldiers in riot gear deployed water cannon and rolls of barbed wire yesterday as they started to close the Gaza/Egypt border, turning back the thousands of Palestinians who have flooded across.

But even as some gaps in the wall were being closed, Palestinians used a bulldozer to puncture another section of the seven-mile border. Several thousand people still crossed in both directions. One crane was set up by the border at Rafah to bring over goods more quickly – particularly cement and fuel, which are scarce in Gaza.