banksy! banksy! banksy!

by twit

“He’s got an attractive method of perking up a blank wall…”

Photo Set of the Day: Sneak peek at Banksy’s Summer Show in Bristol — his first hometown show in nearly a decade — which opens tomorrow at the City Museum and Art Gallery on Queen’s Road. The show will run for 12 weeks. Admission is free.

A gallery of pictures and a video can be seen at the BBC

More Banksy pics at the Telegraph

and previously, at the Kiwi

update! The Banksy Machine:

Each box contains one spray can and a A4 stencil with one of the famous Banksy designs. Choose between one of our 6 designs and collect them all.

banksy vending machine


PRICE: £9.99

(OFFER: £7.99 if you buy 10 or more boxes!)


To order online please send us an email to with the code of the product of your choice and your email address and a shop application will be sent to you so you can purchase IARTISTLONDON safely.

banksy stencils

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