“we’re not talking about some strange nut screaming on a street corner

by twit

… this is all coming from an elected member of Congress.”

via Wonkette, Rep. Michelle Bachmann goes to crazytown on the radio:

Bachmann “explained” to the host and Minnesota audience:

* ACORN is “under federal indictment for voter fraud,” but the stimulus bill nevertheless gives ACORN “$5 billion.” (In reality, ACORN is not under federal indictment and isn’t mentioned in the stimulus bill at all.)

* many members of Congress have “a real aversion to capitalism.”

* the stimulus bill includes a measure to create a “rationing board” for health care, and after the bill becomes law, “your doctor will no longer be able to make your healthcare decisions with you.”

* the recovery package is part of a Democratic conspiracy to “direct” funding away from Republican districts, so Democratic districts can “suck up” all federal funds. Bachmann doesn’t think this will work because, as she put it, “We’re running out of rich people in this country.”

* the “Community-Organizer-in-Chief” is also orchestrating a conspiracy involving the Census Bureau, which the president will use to redraw congressional lines to keep Democrats in power for up to “40 years.” When the host said he was confused, noting that congressional district lines are drawn at the state level, Bachmann said Obama’s non-existent plan is an “anti-constitutional move.”

the link to the Bachmann audio asks for assistance debunking the ACORN fantasy…

From Media Matters:

Cameron’s statement that “there could be money in there for such organizations as ACORN” echoed the frequently repeated Republican claim that Democrats steered money to ACORN in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

In fact, the Conference version of the bill includes a provision that would appropriate $2 billion “for neighborhood stabilization activities related to emergency assistance for the redevelopment of abandoned and foreclosed homes as authorized under division B, title III of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.” The bill does not mention ACORN or otherwise single it out for funding.

Moreover, ACORN has denied that it is eligible for “neighborhood stabilization funds,” and has stated that it does not intend to apply for them. After House Minority Leader John Boehner’s (R-OH) office issued press releases claiming that the recovery bill “makes groups like ACORN eligible for a $4.19 billion pot of money for ‘neighborhood stabilization activities,’ ” in a January 28 press release, ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis called the claim an “obfuscation” that “was picked up across the right-wing echo chamber and has been used as a fig leaf by conservatives in their attempts to justify their opposition to progressive economic policies.” Lewis further stated: “We have not received neighborhood stabilization funds, have no plans to apply for such funds, and didn’t weigh in on the pending rule changes.” On January 29, Lewis wrote on the Huffington Post, “[L]et’s be clear. ACORN isn’t getting any of this money. Since it is set aside for non-profit housing developers to help purchase, rehab, and resell foreclosed properties, we aren’t eligible for it in the first place.”

3 Responses to “we’re not talking about some strange nut screaming on a street corner

  1. llabesab says:

    Will Obama take a Lie detector test re his involvement with ACORN???

  2. fleshbucket says:

    Michelle Bachmann is a fascist pig. Having been a constituent and having campaigned against her time and again, I can say this with confidence. The good people of Minnesota’s 6th congressional district should deserve a new representative, but most of them don’t. It turns out that some areas of the country are just a little less American than others.

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