Memo to Eric Schmidt

by twit

It really is quite simple…

I wish I had a brilliant idea, but I don’t.

ERIC SCHMIDT, Google’s CEO, on how the search giant could help rescue the struggling newspaper industry

just make an option on Google to search “newspapers only.”

It would make Google searches much more useful for people who want original information produced by professional journalists.

As an added bonus, sites like The Huffington Post wouldn’t profit as much from re-printing entire newspaper articles without permission.  An ability to avoid a bottom-feeder like HuffPo would really be nice, considering how much that site clogs up the top of search results…

And for those who want to wade through hundreds of useless indirect sources, there’s always the traditional Google search option.

update:  it has been mentioned to this twit that Google already has a “news” option, like the “images” search feature.   However, this feature offers plenty of non-newspaper links, including the Huffington Post.   Apparently, Google currently defines “news” to be a lot broader than “professional journalism,” so if Google is at all worried about remaining relevant in the exponentially exploding online environment,  perhaps they could consider where the “news” actually comes from…

update: Wired has some ideas, mostly involving Google using its money…  and this:

Google News is great at consolidating stories from across the web. But the search could use a bit of an upgrade to help give more exposure to smaller papers and maybe even prevent incidents like the UAL-Tribune debacle.


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