postcards from the internets

by twit

It’s very cold tonight, so we played with bubbles.  If you blow them upwards enough they have time to freeze on the way down.

and here is a link to a picture of a popping frozen bubble and other frozen bubbles.

via neatorama

and here’s a postcard from 1985: a round up of links to the “filthy fifteen” songs that Tipper Gore and Co. wanted to censor, including the Cyndi Lauper song “She Bop”

I had NO IDEA that “She Bop” was about “masturbation.”  After watching the video, I still don’t get it… but if I know anything, I know that this chick has issues:

and this is just terrifying:

and speaking of terrifying, if you adopt a young lion and raise him until he gets too big to fit in your apartment, then “reintroduce” him to the wilds of Africa, will this lion remember that you are not food when you go to Africa a year later to visit him?


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