Congratulations to Sarah Palin

by twit

In honor of you winning this round:

These findings differ from those of the Branchflower Report because Independent Counsel has concluded the wrong statute was used as a basis for the conclusions contained in the Branchflower Report, the Branchflower report misconstrued the available evidence and did not consider or obtain all of the material evidence that is required to properly reach findings.

But this twit reserves the right to comment after she reads that deposition


Sarah Palin thinks you are a moron

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via McClatchy on December 5, 2008:

As far as Gov. Sarah Palin is concerned, “troopergate” is behind her and she won’t provide a transcript of testimony she gave in an investigation into whether she violated ethics laws in firing her public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan.

…  When the Personnel Board investigation began, Palin said she wanted it made public.

“The people of Alaska — and of the nation — deserve to have a decision from the proper tribunal putting their minds at ease that suggestions of misconduct that have circulated on the Internet and in some media outlets are not true. I therefore am waiving the confidentiality that usually covers personnel board complaints,” Palin said in a statement released by her lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, on Sept. 2, just days after she was named John McCain’s running mate.

She gave her only testimony in the matter on Oct. 24 while on the vice presidential campaign trail. Van Flein said at the time that she wanted to release a transcript of her deposition.

… Palin is simply ready to move on, her deputy press secretary, Sharon Leighow, wrote in an e-mail exchange this week.

“This matter is closed. We see no public purpose in artificially prolonging this controversy,” she wrote initially.

Then, Leighow went a bit further:

“Governor Palin waived her confidentiality to release the Personnel Board report — not her deposition.”

We’ll see, Governor.  There are plenty of people who would really like to see your testimony, and you did announce that waiver of your confidentiality, so I will guess it remains to be seen if a court will rule whether you live in a special universe where you can waive your confidentiality when it is politically expedient, and then turn around and pretend like you never said such a thing…

Congratulations to Alaska!  What a fine, upstanding Governor you have!


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