We must hang together, gentlemen…

by lestro

McCain’s newest Joe the Plumber line is a pile of doo-doo:

“As Joe has reminded us all, America did not become the greatest nation on Earth by giving money to the government to spread the wealth around,” Mr. McCain told supporters, referring to a quotation from Mr. Obama.

Actually, McCain has that backwards. It was exactly that sort of thing that helped lead to the US to become the greatest nation on earth (the reason the US is the greatest nation, by the way, is the philosophical idea that all men are created equal and that governments exist to protect the rights of its people; two very fresh-at-the-time ideas from the Declaration).

But let’s humor Johnny Mac:  So public education, Social Security, those tax breaks for wealthy corporations, the highway system, the military rebuilding New Orleans, that bridge in Minnesota and all that shit – not to mention the $700 billion bailout we just approved –  that’s not giving money to the government and spreading the wealth around?

That’s EXACTLY what it is and what taxes are for, Johnny. The idea that we are stronger together than we are apart is not only the very basis for the United States (remember Franklin? “We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately“), but it is also the idea behind CostCo.

Anyone who has ever had to do their own shopping (or bought their own drugs) will tell you that buying in quantity lowers price. That’s how it works.  With everything.

Health insurance, for example.  The reason it is cheaper for big corporations than small businesses is because of reduced group rates.  It is the same reasoning the government gets great rates: lots of people.

Mutual funds; same idea, more people with more money equals better buying power.

But to say that “spreading the wealth” is un-American is utterly ridiculous and shows a further misunderstanding/contempt/blatant stupidity regarding history.

The idea that ‘we are all in this together’ is one of the very things that makes America great.  It is why people from all over the country donated money to the families of Sept. 11 victims or to the Red Cross to help pump out and rebuild New Orleans (since the president couldn’t even be bothered to break his vacation and birthday lunch with John McCain long enough to be bothered…).

and besides, every single program John McCain supports or plans to create is an example of spreading the wealth.  It’s why we have taxes.

We must stop turning over the keys of government to people set on dismantling it.  It is how we end up with the total fuck-ups we have had during the Bush years.

Judging by that sentence, McCain is no different…


3 Responses to We must hang together, gentlemen…

  1. leapsecond says:

    Well done, good sir. I just hoped that Barack would’ve called McCain out in the debate, saying something along the lines of, “Why don’t we just abolish all taxes since, in your mind, John, that’s redistributing the wealth?”. I bet McCain would’ve been baffled.

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  3. Mark says:

    Leapsecond: “I bet McCain would’ve been baffled.” He’s baffled every day, trying desperately hard to hide it, and not doing a good job.

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