Sarah Palin blinked!

by twit

“I’ll try to find ya some and I’ll bring ‘em to ya”

is what Sarah Palin said when Katie Couric asked for specific examples of John McCain ever pushing for more regulation in his 26 years as a Senator. via Wonkette:

sounds like blinking to me.  Especially with that overdone accent at the end.

And I’m sorry, Campbell Brown, but the McCain campaign had to treat Palin like a delicate flower, because she wilts.

“Tonight I call on the McCain campaign to stop treating Sarah Palin like she is a delicate flower that will wilt at any moment,” Brown said. “You claim she is ready to be one heart beat away form the presidency. If that is the case, then end this chauvinistic treatment of her now.”

via Ezra Klein by way of Wonkette

and apparently, so does McCain…

Letterman was not happy to have been canceled on:

“oh boy, how much trouble can I get into and how fast”

12 Responses to Sarah Palin blinked!

  1. DeAnna Claudette says:

    It has truly been a great week for the McCain camp. I can’t believe that ANYONE take this woman seriously. I’m baffled. She is so clearly out of her league…..

  2. bolsonon says:

    Just curious, does the wind constantly whistling through your head ever give you a headache?

    Clearly, you are petrified of Gov. Sarah Palin—and rightfully so. She’s everything you wish you had on the Obama ticket. You’re obviously green with envy. Come now, Joe “Been in office since Nixon” Biden? He’s a walking gaffe machine and Obama’s mistake for placing him on the ticket.

    You might as well start practicing saying the following as 40 days from now, it becomes official: Vice President Palin.

    Get your crying towel ready.

  3. Kurt says:

    I agree with everything in this post. Have you noticed that Gibson and Couric bent over backward to help Palin out, and she repaid them both by being a tad snarky?

  4. Kurt says:

    Why the hell would we want Palin? Because she’s as Machiavellian as Cheney, minus the intellect? Because her religious beliefs are truly scary?
    Look, we all know that somehow the Republicans are going to win, and we will have to bow down to this bitch. That doesn’t mean we have to like it.

  5. But maybe America is only 37 percent stupid:

    and maybe that percentage is decreasing:

    The survey also found that the strong initial public reaction to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate, has cooled somewhat. Overall, her unfavorable rating has gone up by 10 points in the past two weeks, from 28 percent to 38 percent.

    … Over the past two weeks, the percentage of independents with favorable views of Palin dropped from 60 percent to 48 percent. Among independent women, the decline was particularly sharp, going from 65 percent to 43 percent.

    perhaps Sarah Palin is the gateway meme:

  6. Pat says:

    bolsonon (22:09:52) :

    Just curious, does the wind constantly whistling through your head ever give you a headache?

    Just wondering why anyone would need to be so nasty — you have the right to express your snarky opinions on someone’s blog, and they have the right to express their opinion on their own blog.

    It’s this type of nastiness in support of certain politicians and/or parties that turns people AWAY from said politicians. If they have this type of supporter, why would I vote for them sort of thing.

    Win, lose, or draw for Sarah Palin, you’re still going to be a snarky person. Seems to me YOU are the one that will need the crying towel.

  7. lestro says:


    i’ll say it: i am petrified of sarah palin. she believes the Flintstones is real, thinks proximity to russia qualifies as foreign policy experience and she can’t seem to tell the truth about anything, from her tremendous earmark requests her entire career to her reckless, irresponsible spending in Wasilla and Alaska to her discussions with her family about running for vice president to her own state’s levels of energy production.

    it terrifies me that so many people are mollified by this shiny new toy and it terrifies me that you somehow think that simply by calling people names, they will ignore the facts.

  8. TheROSA says:

    Ok people I have something horrifying to confess: I, I….(pause for dramatic effect) I was impressed when Palin was chosen as the VP candidate. I know, I know, the HORROR, but I was honored to be witnessing this amazing ‘accomplishment’ for woman in this country, despite the party. And now I feel ashamed and embarrassed. The more I hear of her opinions and her experience, the more terrified I become. She is the Trojan Horse of the Republican Party! They will lure hundreds and thousands in with their disguise of change in this very pretty woman, and God forbid they win, what will become of this country in desperate need of change…

    Now I can’t bet my life that Obama can make EVERYTHING right, but I would bet that the McCain/Palin ticket can’t, won’t and shouldn’t even try!

  9. fleshbucket says:

    Of course everyone is afraid of Sarah Palin. Who isn’t afraid of walking around town, trying to find a weak caribou to eat when suddenly a helicopter appears overhead with Mrs. Palin hanging out the door aiming a high powered hunting rifle at you? I refuse to engage in all negative talk against the entire Palin family until Alaska secedes and she is too busy icing wolves to violate American airspace to come get me.

  10. ROSA,

    I think that it is a completely natural reaction to have at first celebrated what appeared to be a historic event. That Palin has turned out to be a cruel joke makes her candidacy that much more insulting to all of us.


    I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but the wolves won’t keep her busy for long. There are only so many wolves left:

    Haber has another explanation for the dry spell. “I can tell you from my own research that the reason they didn’t get many wolves in certain years, particularly last winter, is because they have scraped those areas clean,” he says.

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  12. Voyuer says:

    It’s Kinda, like almost an Erotic Tease*

    They Dressed her up in Lavish, Pompous Pretentious Attire…

    & Now,


    She’s being Stripped Down;



    & Totally Exposed*

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