It is nice to see journalists – and Matt Lauer – doing their job

by lestro

Even Matt Lauer is following the lead of the actual journalists, but still:

On NBC’s “Today” show, Matt Lauer, from the floor of the New York Stock exchange, described Monday’s 500-point drop as a “bloodbath” and asked Mr. McCain how he could say that “the fundamentals of our economy are strong” while his campaign released an ad saying that the economy is in crisis.

“Clarify this for me,’’ Mr. Lauer said. “It doesn’t seem as if both things can be true.’’

Mr. McCain replied by saying that when he spoke about the fundamentals of the economy, he was referring to the workers – which is different from how he has described the term before.

Nice to see journalists – and Matt Lauer – doing their job.

It’s led the McCain to start swinging even harder at the media, even directly, as this morning on Joe Scarborough’s show (Not to be confused with Joey Scarbury, who wrote and sang “Believe it or Not,” The “Greatest American Hero” theme).

Ms. Brzezinski had brought up Mr. Obama’s campaign ad highlighting Mr. McCain’s statement that the “fundamentals of our economy are strong.” Mr. McCain side-stepped the question of whether that ad was fair and said: “I still say to you – and I know you’re a supporter of Senator Obama – if you would urge him to come and do town hall meetings with me, as I’ve asked him to do time after time, the whole tenor of the campaign would change.”

Ms. Brzezinski bristled at the comment, saying: “Supporter of Senator Obama? I’m not sure I would characterize myself that way.”

Unfortunately, Scarborough himself is an unabashed McCain apologist and supporter, as is his cohost, apparently:

Later, she repeated her objection and reminded viewers that her brother, Ian Brzezinski, is working on Mr. McCain’s campaign.

“Take care of my brother,” she said to Mr. McCain. “Say hi to Ian for me.”

Seems like a conflict of interest to me, especially since the host is now going out of her way to say without saying that she is a McCain backer. (Note that these two Brzezinkis should not to be confused with Zbigniew Brzezinski, the respected foreign policy expert who is an Obama supporter).

Objective? you be the judge.

This is now becoming a fairly common style of attack for the McCain campaign, which has decided in the past few weeks to throw truth and logic out the window:

The day before, a McCain adviser used similar rhetoric while speaking with Chris Matthews on MSNBC. “It’s a very tough time for your party,” Mr. Matthews concluded, while speaking with Nancy Pfotenhauer, a senior policy adviser for Mr. McCain. “Tough time for yours too,” she responded, smiling the entire time.

Please. Anyone who thinks Matthews is a Democrat either didn’t pay attention during the Clinton years or completely ignored the dust-up between him and Olbermann over at MSNBC…

Or their world view is so narrow and set in stone that they couldn’t change from the party line rhetoric if the country they claimed to put first depended on it.

Which it kinda does…


2 Responses to It is nice to see journalists – and Matt Lauer – doing their job

  1. Kate says:

    Isn’t Zbigniew Brzezinski Mika and Ian’s father? I thought it was a slight conflict of interest when he was on Morning Joe promoting his new book.

  2. according to wikipedia, Mika and Ian are two of his children:

    And it looks like Ian works for the Bush Administration as a “U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Affairs.”

    All the more reason to not confuse Zbigniew with his wayward children who have fallen so far from the proverbial tree…

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