Romney goes out there and loses one for the Gipper

by lestro

The Democrats had Dennis Kucinich, The Republicans had Mitt Romney.

During Romney’s speech this past week at the convention, the vanquished former governor of Massachusetts and passed-over veep short-lister who ran mainly on the strength of his hair made his pitch to give the Reagan-esque, convention-stealing, oh-shit-we-got-the-wrong-guy speech that Reagan gave in 1976, setting himself up as the 1980 standard-bearer.

But where Reagan inspired, Romney, crazy eyes blazing and Presidential Coif shaking the whole time, leaned waaaay right, threw everything he had against the wall and instead of coming off looking like the missed opportunity I am sure he hoped it would, he just sounded like a lunatic.

Every line of this thing is pure, crazy gold. Here’s the opener:

For decades, the Washington sun has been rising in the east – Washington has been looking to the eastern elites, to the editorial pages of the Times and the Post, and to the broadcasters from the coast.

If America really wants change, it’s time to look for the sun in the west, cause it’s about to rise and shine from Arizona and Alaska!

huh? Then he just starts swinging at liberals, making no sense but obviously just trying to fire up the crowd and leave an impression.

Last week, the Democrats talked about change. But let me ask you – what do you think Washington is right now, liberal or conservative? Is a Supreme Court liberal or conservative that awards Guantanamo terrorists with constitution rights? It’s liberal!

Actually, protecting the rights laid out in the constitution is a conservative idea. So is the Court, by the way. He goes on: Read more of this post

damn that pesky truth

by twit

I’m impressed with John McCain’s commitment to making things up out of thin air.

Via Politico on September 5, 2008:

“You know what i enjoyed the most? She took the luxury jet that was acquired by her predecessor and sold it on eBay — made a profit,” [McCain] said, introducing Palin.

… Palin did not, as the ADN reported at the time, succeed in selling it on eBay; she tried and failed.

… And the state sold it at a loss of half a million dollars.

And it is nice to know that Governor Palin spent a half million dollars of taxpayer money in order to score a political point.

John McCain vs. John McCain

by lestro

Back in the beginning of August, back when John McCain was still telling us experience mattered, before he and his ilk were so infatuated with Sarah Palin that they tossed away a year’s worth of message-building on an attractive pander, McCain spent most of his time calling his opponent an empty suit, saying he gave speeches with no substance and gave his take on what would be the important markers in this election:

“I know, by the way, and you know, that Senator Obama will give a great speech at their convention before 75,000 people in Denver, and I don’t expect to match up to that,’’ Mr. McCain told a crowd at a fund-raiser at the Wakonda Club here. “And in the debates, I expect him to do extremely well in the debates. He’s very, very good. But I think it’s going to be substance that matters.’

Then, of course, prodded on by the “liberal media,” Obama delivered a tremendous speech packed with the soaring oratory for which he is known as well as specific points and proposals for change.

The next day, John McCain selected a neophyte unknown as his running mate and had to alter his entire campaign.

Which led his campaign manager to tell the Washington Post this week:

This election is not about issues,” said Davis. “This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates.”

Make up your damn minds, guys.

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Best Speech at the RNC: Cindy McCain

by twit

via CBS News on September 4, 2008, this is a clip of Cindy McCain’s speech:

I have been witness to great service and sacrifice – to lives lived with humility and grace.

In World War II, my father’s B-17 was shot down three times. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

But he was quiet about that… and never claimed to have done more than his small share.

This is the most beautiful thing said at the Republican National Convention.  Especially when this statement was followed by the line “Just like my husband.”

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Poverty is not funny

by twit

Obama responds to the attempts by Republicans to ridicule his experience as a community organizer:

The LA Times has a round up of more reactions to this new GOP attack.

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But Fred said the economy is doing great

by twit

How could this be?

McClatchy reports on September 5, 2008:

Employers shed jobs in August for the eighth consecutive month, and the unemployment rate shot up to a higher-than-expected rate of 6.1 percent, the Labor Department reported Friday.

The jobs numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics point to continued slow growth. On top of this week’s Wall Street volatility, the continuing housing crisis and weak retail sales, many economists are again suggesting the U.S. economy may be on the brink of recession.

“The spike in the unemployment rate to 6.1% and the eighth month of continued job losses confirm that recessionary conditions persist in the labor market. Working families are in real trouble,” said Jared Bernstein, EPI senior economist for the liberal Economic Policy Institute.

But Fred Thompson said

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