The rapid mis-education of Sarah Palin

by lestro

I couldn’t read this Newsweek article past this sentence:

The McCain team has hastily assembled a team of former Bush White House aides to tutor the vice-presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, on foreign-policy issues…

It stumped me. I mean, I know all those words, but that sentence doesn’t make any sense.

The Bush team? Really? That’s who you went to? But they haven’t found a foreign policy yet they can’t fuck up.

Aside from the damage this does to the ‘experience argument,’ doesn’t this ruin their ‘not Bush III’ argument as well?

So let me get this straight, because I want to make sure I understand it: At a time when you are telling us that experience matters, and that the McCain presidency will not be a continuation of the current policy (which he supports, apparently, 90+ percent of the time, as well as (in his words) on all of the “transcendental issues” of our time), you picked as your vice president someone with less experience than  your opponent and then give them tutoring from the very people who fucked everything up in the first place?

How does that even make fucking sense? Because I really need to know what sort of logical contortions and self delusions one must go through to not only think that is a rational thought process, but that other people will believe it as well…


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