Pay no attention to the war behind the curtain

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October surprise edition, via the Jerusalem Post by way of Drudge:

The Dutch intelligence service, the AIVD, has called off an operation aimed at infiltrating and sabotaging Iran’s weapons industry due to an assessment that a US attack on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program is imminent, according to a report in the country’s De Telegraaf newspaper on Friday.

The report claimed that the Dutch operation had been “extremely successful,” and had been stopped because the US military was planning to hit targets that were “connected with the Dutch espionage action.”

The impending air-strike on Iran was to be carried out by unmanned aircraft “within weeks,” the report claimed, quoting “well placed” sources.

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John McCain’s pants are on fire

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From the Associated Press on August 31, 2008 via TPM:

Obama, 47, has spent almost 12 years in office, all of it as a lawmaker — eight years as an Illinois state senator and nearly four as a U.S. senator. Palin’s total is 12 — she spent 10 as a city council member and mayor, and nearly two as governor.

“If they want to go down that route, in all candor, she has far more experience than Senator Obama does,” McCain said Sunday in St. Louis.

and from MSNBC on August 31, 2008:

NBC’s Brian Williams asked John McCain on Nightly News tonight if Palin was the best choice given that he’s a 72-year-old cancer survivor.

McCain defended the choice, citing Palin’s experience, including being a governor, mayor and even working on the PTA.

“Facts are funny things,” McCain said, adding that she’s “been in office longer than” Obama.

He added, in fact, it’s “almost ludicrous to compare her experience with his — it’s no contest.”

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Somebody please tell Sarah Palin what a vice president does

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because this is getting ridiculous.

From the Anchorage Daily News on August 31, 2008:

Q. Are you ready to be President Palin if necessary?

A. I am … I am up to the task of course. Of focusing on the challenges that face America and I am very pleased with the situation that I am in, when, when you consider the situation now that Alaska will be in.

And that is Alaska, and Alaskans will be allowed to contribute more to our great country and they’ll be allowed to do that because I — if we’re elected — will be in a position of opening the eyes of the country to what it is that Alaska is all about and what Alaska has to offer.

hey Governor, here’s a hint: the answer is not “Alaska.”