Dennis Kucinich is the sexiest man alive

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and the crowd goes wild:

“Wake Up America” DNC 2008

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a model for a space colony

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This is what a beginning of the end would look like…

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From the Hindustan Times, by way of Drudge:

What started from one village two weeks ago has now spread to 350 and has so far claimed 160 lives. Thousands more are bed-ridden. On an average, 15 to 20 people have been dying every day; Saturday saw the highest toll in a day: 24.

350 villages in two weeks.

The district’s health department is somewhat confused about the nature of the disease that has struck. At the beginning, the diagnosis was viral fever. Then doctors concluded that it was falciparum malaria. But after two weeks, they have ruled out both but still don’t have an exact answer.

because they are moving as slowly as possible, of course:

Specialists from the Infectious Disease and Surveillance Programme, New Delhi, have collected the blood samples of a few patients. The team will make its findings known in a few days.

In the meantime, if it is contagious, a local quarantine is now impossible:

the fear of the unknown has resulted in a mass exodus of villagers.

Stephen King taught us that…

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