McCain is such a funny guy

by twit and by lestro

He must be joking

On almost every issue, the two presidential candidates have staked out opposing positions. Their contrasting views on wealth surfaced during their back-to-back appearances in Southern California on Saturday night when each was asked to define “rich.”

Obama didn’t hesitate. “I would argue that if you are making more than $250,000, then you are in the top 3, 4 percent of this country,” he said. “You are doing well.”

McCain took a far more discursive approach to answering the question but ultimately settled on a dramatically higher figure: “I think if you’re just talking about income, how about $5 million?

The Arizona Republican quickly added that he was “sure that comment will be distorted,” and his campaign said Sunday that he was joking.

can you tell John McCain has NEVER had a job?

I can.

certainly not as a stand-up comedian. what a great dodge. ‘oh, hey, your candidate said the stupidest damn thing during this serious discussion where he wept and talked about jesus, and it sure sounds like he is tone deaf to the reality in America, it really sounded insensitive and something that an out-of-touch uber-wealthy person would say’

he must be joking. surely he wouldn’t have meant to be that much of an idiot. i’m the idiot for not realizing that he was only pretending to be an asshole. that’s the ticket.

he was joking about jesus too. you didn’t get that?

obviously a career military man saying he believes in a religion that teaches “love thy enemy” (as opposed to ‘bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb iran’) or in turning the other cheek when your enemy slaps you on one (as opposed, again, to bombing the shit out them) and forgiveness (as opposed to “i hated the gooks. i will hate them as long as i live.”) is ALL ironic and really quite funny when you get right down to it…

funny though, I saw that question. the host wanted an actual dollar figure on what McCain considers ‘rich,’ as in the barrier between middle class and upper class and McCain went off on how he doesn’t judge ‘rich’ by money but how rich someone’s life is.

because he’s an old millionaire who has literally never held a (non-military, non-politician) job in his life and has no idea, especially since he married into money instead of earning it himself.

lovely. at about 00:45, he ‘doesn’t believe in the redistribution of wealth’ and doesn’t want to raise taxes on the rich because he doesn’t want to raise anybody’s taxes. he wants to make everybody rich, how nice.

does he have a plan on how to do that?

because i am all for it if he knows how…

it must involve invading and enslaving the rest of the world, what with his penchant for war, refusal to distribute wealth and stalwart promise to avoid taxing people who earn more than $5 million a year.

that is the only way I can make sense of his plan at this point. unless ::gasp:: he has no plan and was just shamelessly pandering to both sides of the class aisle.

that would make him some kind of rambling old man that I would give change to if he had a little cardboard sign and was sitting on the sidewalk by a liquor store.


ahh. pirate rules: finder’s keepers.


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