it’s coming back around again

by lestro

Kick in the township rebellion!

Days after Rage Against the Machine‘s Lollapalooza set threatened to become a riot, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune‘s website has reported [viaRolling Stone‘s Rock & Roll Daily] that the band will play Minneapolis’ Target Center on September 3.

Making this show more than just another tour date is the fact that it’s happening during the Republican National Convention, which will take place in the Twin Cities from September 1-4.

So here’s what we’ve got: a “revolutionary” band whose most recent show at a mostly peaceful music festival incited the crowd to violence, causing many injuries to concertgoers in the process, playing a show in the same city and at the same time as a huge event celebrating the political party most opposed to that band’s message. (Not to mention the fact that the last time Rage played a party convention, things didn’t go so well.)

but I’ll take any excuse to watch this video again:

aw yeah.


One Response to it’s coming back around again

  1. lestro says:

    RATM announced yesterday they will also be playing Denver during the Democratic National Convention, just to keep it fair. Opening up are Flobots, Jello Biafra and Wayne Kramer of the MC5, the proto-punk legends that played outside the 1968 Democratic Convention Riot in Chicago.
    That’s an incredible show without the added political overtones.

    That night, the competing show (“all sold out,” i’m sure) will be Bill Clinton and a Veep Nominee to be named later.

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