The Holy Grail of Florida and other media hallucinations

by lestro

I have read a couple of stories over the past few days that have really irked me because they are perfect examples of the media perpetuating myths that are not true.

The first was about third-party candidates polling at the 3 or 4 percent level and how that can be dangerous. They cite Nader’s 3 percent in Florida in 2000 as handing the election to Bush. Which is fucking stupid because what really handed Florida to Bush was the stupid fucking butterfly ballot that led a whole fucking mess of old Palm Beach Jews to vote for Pat Buchanan.

Come on. Patty Patty Buke Buke? I think fucking not.

It was not Nader, but the idiocy of these old voters and the horrible butterfly ballot (not mention Gore’s cardboard personality, seeming lack of vision and inability to win his home state) that cost him the election, not Nader.

Today, there is another Florida story in which Obama announced his plan for $1,000 rebates based on an windfall profits tax to energy companies. It’s a much better plan than the offshore drilling, especially considering ExxonMobil once again had a record-setting profit last quarter, despite coming in under predictions.

If times are so tough and oil is so expensive yet the world’s biggest oil company is making more profit than ever (profit, mind you, not just revenue), they must be gouging. How else can it be explained?

Honestly. If you know, I’m listening.

But here is the fallacy and myth the media is perpetuating this time, despite a total lack of evidence: Once again, it was Florida that cost the Dems the election. Simply because it was the last state to finish counting, Democrats have focused on Florida as the all important battle ground, the must win, the Holy Fucking Grail of electoral math.

And the Media has bought it hook, line and sinker:

Florida has been a heartbreaker for Democrats since they lost the state — and the presidency — to George W. Bush by 537 votes in the disputed 2000 election and by more than 380,000 votes in 2004.

Once again, it is important to point out that Al Gore lost many states, including his HOME STATE. THAT is what cost him the presidency.  ANY one other state would have won it.  Ohio, Tennessee, Arkansas, Colorado, New fucking Hampshire, ANY of them and Florida wouldn’t have mattered

Yet everyone knows it’s Florida’s fault.

Ridiculous. Believe me, I am no fan of America’s Wang, but in the case of 2000, it did not cost Gore the election. Neither did Nader.

Gore cost Gore that election.

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