Bush is a space alien from a stupid planet

by twit

Finally, it all makes sense now:

Via the Star-Telegram on July 16, 2008:

Federal Aviation Administration radar appears to confirm the presence of unidentified aircraft on Jan. 8 over the Stephenville-Dublin area, with at least one appearing to head toward President Bush’s Crawford Ranch, the same night that dozens of people reported seeing UFOs, according to a report released Thursday by a national group that studies reports of unidentified flying objects.

Beware the little green men!

Target Texas?"   CNN

Texas UFO sighters were interviewed live Friday by Larry King during a segment of his show that was titled “UFOs: Target Texas?”

They got Larry!

But seriously, it would explain how Bush could go on like this:

Retail sales were up a scant 0.1 percent in June, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday. Gas prices accounted for all the increase, Vitner said. “You take out gasoline prices and sales were down,” he added.

Nevertheless, Bush boasted that tax-rebate checks were prodding spending

and this:

President Bush began Tuesday trying to calm consumers troubled by an increasingly shaky economy, but his words had little effect.

By the end of the day, the Dow had closed at its lowest level in two years

et cetera, et cetera:

President Bush found few encouraging things to say Tuesday as he assessed a grinding list of problems for his final six months in the White House, from soaring gas prices, falling home values and anxieties about bank safety to un-won wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, genocide in Sudan and friction with Moscow and Beijing.

… Bush repeatedly found fault with the country’s direction and the government’s failure to solve problems in the 7 1/2 years that he has been in office. He said Americans were “rightly concerned” about gas and home prices, that “there’s a lot of nervousness” about the stability of banks, that the economy is “not as good as we’d like” and there is “no short-term solution” to the energy problem.

He blamed the Democratic Congress for failing to deal with the issues.


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