Stripteasin’ for Justice: “La Diosa del Metro”

by twit

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy Minutes” via the BBC:

Police in Chile have arrested a stripper who was attempting to remove her clothes outside the presidential palace in the capital, Santiago.

Her arrest comes three days after she performed a series of striptease dances on the Santiago underground, the metro.

Monserrat Morilles told reporters that her performances were aimed at challenging the prudishness of Chilean society and that they would continue.

yes, yes of course there is video:

Chilean media has dubbed her “La Diosa del Metro” or the Metro Goddess.

Ms Morilles, 26, called her performances “happy minutes.”

“This is just a beginning. We are starting an idea here that will grow and be developed further,” she told Reuters news agency as she was being taken into custody.

“Chile is still a pretty timid country,” her manager, Gustavo Pradenas, said.

“People aren’t very extroverted and we want to take aim at that and make Chile a happier country.”


Stripteasin’ For Justice

Bonjour Tout Le Monde


9 Responses to Stripteasin’ for Justice: “La Diosa del Metro”

  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t find her attractive?

  2. I guess that she has no problems with hygiene.

  3. JanieBelle says:

    The world would be a much happier place if she would come visit the U.S.

    More strippers, less wars!

    More skin, less guns!

    Go girl!

  4. juank44 says:

    Police in Chile are maricones

  5. ulic says:

    hehehe, she is awesome

  6. Andrés (chilean guy) says:

    ohhhhh, that’s nice
    Now I will use the subway more frecuently xD

  7. Fa says:

    What an amazing Woman!

    That is gutsy as. Full respect to her.

  8. k@th says:

    Now there’s a step forward for women in a country that hardly needs it.
    [Yes, that would be sarcasm].

    “People aren’t very perverted and we want to take aim at those parts to make Chile a hornier country.” Indeed…

  9. Tazeen says:

    well she is famous
    people from across the globe are talking about her and Chilean conservatism. I think she got what she wanted.

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