Hillary For Worldwide Emperor

by twit

https://i0.wp.com/imagecache2.allposters.com/images/pic/MMPH/28364~Remington-Steele-Posters.jpgSome of Hillary’s most avid supporters are under the impression that she has been offered the Veep slot on Obama’s ticket. So they have created a site, that allows comments without moderation, with the following inspirational message:

Hillary, don’t take a VP slot. Stay in the Senate (or retire or go worldwide).

We won’t let you sacrifice your own future to prop up Obama.

No Remington Steele presidency!

Go worldwide? Is it time for the Emperor of the World election already?

Click here to sign the petition, and don’t forget to leave a comment! Certainly we can all agree that we do not, under any circumstances, want Hillary anywhere near a ticket led by Obama…

Since so many of us actually want Obama to win.

There is also another site, insisting that it is not a cult, that also accepts comments, but they are moderated, so it looks like only racism, anti-semitism, wild marxist conspiracy theories and full-throated support for McCain gets through. This site wants people to write in Hillary instead of voting for Obama, so if anyone is able to act like enough of a McCain supporter to get through the administrator’s moderation, the twit suggests a simple message, perhaps that A VOTE FOR HILLARY IS A VOTE FOR MCCAIN. It might work…

Highlights from the comments on that site include:

for all the ranting and biased commentating by the media and all the thievery by the DNC/RBC to stage a coup to over throw the Clintons to force them out of the party for all the wanting of a “NEW” party

one thing remains true…… the democratic party is STILL OWNED BY THE CLINTONS D

then there’s the fear of the jews:

I live in Texas Sugar and it will go for McCain, it would have gone to Hillary but now its McCain. We all do know that McCain is a war hero and a true american, we do not know this about Obama, there are many unanswered questions with this man, and I am not willing to put my country in jeopardy just to elect the first black man. Electing a black man would be something I would have wanted to do, but not like this, not him being shoved down our throats and bullied into voting for him.
The jew thing scares the hell out of me. I don’t like the fact that he is supported by the most devisive sectors in our society. Where and why did the DNC let him run and to support him like they did is reprehensible!

some racism:

Does anyone know where the DNC wants to take this party? I am asking as I see one of the black leaders in Congress talking about Nationalizing the Oil/Gas industry! I can understand healthcare, but gimme a break the oil industry. To me, that is all out socialism. I’m also not fond of giving Africa all this money! We have people here in our country that need help, why on earth do we have to help Africa to the extent that Obama wants us to?
Our schools need help, if Oprah wants to build schools in Africa, let her do it. I think she could have built a few new one in New ORleans, what to you all think?

bold-faced insanity:

Call me crazy (lurkers and trolls surely will!), but I see ALOT of similarities between Obama and Hitler.

I can live with McCain. 4 years? Yeah, it’s doable.

and a McCain supporter:

The Obama money machine will not be as easy to beat as the Republicans think. A point of fact is that McCain can’t even campaign against a man who is all but invisible, and will hide in shadows until his appointment is secured. Forget the debates etc. at which McCain will trounce the imbecile. Obama doesn’t work that way; he operates like a stealth submarine loaded with hidden explosives. We need to make sure that unless the miracle happens (that Obama self implodes and Clinton steps forward) that McCain wins.

I hope my line of reasoning influences other women to choose the tougher more difficult action. We must destroy the rogue DNC and form a new party that is true to democratic values. You cannot negotiate with people who are evil and have stolen the flag for which generations of Americans have died. You cannot send messages to the deaf and symbolic gestures cannot prevail upon thieves.

McCain 08

With thanks to the Wall Street Journal for the tip. This was so much funnier until the twit actually read the comments…

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