Old habits die hard, I suppose

by lestro

So the McCain people continue to freak out over Gen. Wesley Clark’s continued refusal to back down from his statements about McCain’s war experience as a proof he can lead:

Despite criticism from Republicans, Clark declined to back down in an interview Tuesday morning with ABC. “The experience that he had as a fighter pilot isn’t the same as having been at the highest levels of the military and having to make … life or death decisions about national, strategic issues,” he said.

Asked whether he felt he owed McCain an apology, Clark responded, “I’m very sorry that this has distracted from the message of patriotism that Sen. Obama wants to put out.” […]

“I think that you can always cite a candidate’s service in the armed forces as a testimony to his character and his courage. But I don’t think early service justifies moving away from looking at a candidate’s judgment,” he replied.

McCain wants blood, of course:

“I think the time has come for Sen. Obama to not just repudiate Gen. Clark, but to cut him loose,” McCain said en route to Colombia.

One ally of the Republican presidential contender accused Obama of “winking and nodding” when he should be condemning Clark and his comments. “This is now about Obama, not Wesley Clark,” added Orson Swindle on a conference call with reporters organized by the McCain’s campaign.

Swindle, a retired colonel and – like McCain – prisoner of war in Vietnam, added that Obama should tell his surrogates to “knock this crap off.”

It should be pointed out though that Wesley Clark was a Clinton supporter who only became an Obama surrogate after she dropped out and I am not even sure if he has an official role at all in the campaign.

It should also be pointed out that Obama has been extremely complimentary about John McCain’s service in Vietnam.

I also can’t think of any other incidents in which Obama surrogates have taken a shot at Johnny Mac’s military service, which actually isn’t relevant anymore as the world and “war” are completely different than when Mac was fighting “the gooks” that he will always hate (his words, from 2000), despite our normalized relations and the passage of more than 35 years since the Vietnam war.

Sure, it’s almost understandable considering his background, but still, is that really the kind of world view we need with his finger on the button?

However, what is more unfortunate is that Clinton supporters are not yet up to speed on this whole ‘new politics’ thing. Their failure to understand it is why they lost and the sooner they realize it (and stop blaming sexism), the better off everyone will be. There is a new sheriff in town and this personal attack shit is not going to fly anymore – no matter how accurate it is.

And it is another reason Obama should not cozy up to the Clintons any more than necessary. Arm’s length, Barry. Arm’s length.

I’m just saying.

But back to Clark. McCain’s folks called on top lapdog Lindsey Graham, who immediately went out and pulled a Scalia (“using logic that contradicts even itself”):

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., rebutted Clark’s claim by arguing that McCain’s years as a prisoner of war and the mistreatment he endured made him uniquely qualified to lead the campaign in the Senate to ban the use of torture in the interrogation of detainees in the war on terror.

“Nobody could have taken the floor and spoken about detainee policy” the same way, Graham added.

See, here’s where I am confused: didn’t McCain cave to what the President want on that bill? Isn’t that an issue on which he flip-flopped, ignoring his own history as a prisoner of war?

So he’s uniquely qualified to lead because he gave in and we still torture?


3 Responses to Old habits die hard, I suppose

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    Obama using his workers to attack McCain like he did Hillary isn’t going to work anymore and the when he gets attack back he wants to holler racist! Sorry Obama but you have been had in many ways!

  2. k@th says:

    Since war is a “game,” or at least, has rules and “winners” in similarity…it would make sense that McCain can see both the rules that make up that game, and the human loss from having been a pawn on the board of that game. Whether he will stand for peace is in question, but his experiences are not ours, and consequently, indeterminable in future policy. Until the day that humans evolve beyond the game of warfare, I must empathize as best as possible with our enlisted–whatever war–because they have seen the reality of death firsthand, while risking their own, and that is more than most of us can say. I hope that they continue to cherish life, and would lead us to an enlightened future–free of war and intolerance. I don’t make any political statement here (I do like Obama), just thought I’d comment on the optimism I have for a future free of this b.s. May peace reign.

  3. WARREN RICE says:

    After hearing the drool out of b o and leslie clark,i am reminded what Patton said ” They know no more about military operations than they do about fornicating,having been involved in neither one”.

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