Let the gun control floodgates open

by lestro

Fresh off the back of the Supreme Court’s horribly inconsistent screed of a gun control decision, a new lawsuit gives us one more reason to avoid Atlanta at all costs.

As if the heat, humidity, stupidity, sprawl and Ted Turner weren’t enough already…

A decision by Georgia legislators to relax the state’s gun laws has led to a dispute over whether people can legally carry concealed firearms in the nation’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International.

A Georgia gun rights group filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court in Atlanta on Tuesday after airport officials said they would continue to enforce a ban on concealed weapons in the terminal despite the changes to the state law.

The changes, which were approved by the Georgia legislature in the spring and took effect on Tuesday, relax the state’s prohibition on carrying weapons on public transportation and in some other areas, including restaurants serving alcohol.

So I can’t take a pair of nail clippers or a tube of toothpaste through security, but I can carry my gun?  What the fuck?

The argument concerns only whether people with gun permits can carry concealed firearms in the public areas of the terminal. Restricted areas, including spaces beyond security checkpoints, are governed by federal law, which forbids unauthorized firearms in those areas.

Oh. good. Because bullets would be stopped at the security checkpoints.

Benjamin R. DeCosta, the airport director, said the changes applied only to public transportation like buses and the city subway and were not intended to allow people to carry guns at the airport. He said allowing civilians to carry concealed weapons in the terminal, which serves millions of travelers each year, would pose severe problems for the police and airport security workers.

“We want to make sure the airport is safe and secure,” Mr. DeCosta said. He added that airports had previously been the targets of terrorists and that “there should be no ambiguity to law enforcement as to whether people should be carrying weapons here.”

Damn right.


4 Responses to Let the gun control floodgates open

  1. michelle2005 says:

    I’ve been told that due to the fact I’d lived outside the USA for so long and was within numerous nations…that somehow my view is “skewed”. When I remark how vastly different our nation is now…it’s BECAUSE I can so, clearly, see the differences. It’s not rocket science that if you ‘spoon feed’ a population something over a process of time…what was once thought of as a “no no”, begins to appear normal.

    I’ll never forget my first thoughts when it began to dawn on me just how VERY different the thinking was here at home. At first I thought maybe it was just local. However, due to the fact, I’ve had to do extensive travel within the US since I’ve been home…it is most definitely not just local. It is, unfortunately, national

    Everyday one hears of something more outrageous happening than the day before. Here’s a for instance: While enroute to visit my sister, it took me down the street near the elementary school. I was only able to get so far, as police crime sceen tape was surrounding the school. Later, I found out that two women of kindergartner’s got into a shoot-out. The reason: One woman took the “usual parking space” of the other. Let’s just arm everyone (NOT!)

    Can you imagine that….Mom’s of two kindergartner’s. I understand this is but one instance…but nontheless, what in the world would possess young Mom’s to carry a guns into a school zone?!? Obviously, the concern for children was absent in both women. (This was a little over a year ago)

    My niece, who is a teacher within the same school district, told us that there’s a conflict between some teacher & the school board. Why? Some teachers want to be able to carry a concealed weapon. Let’s just arm everyone (NOT!)

    Just yesterday, a 34 yr old man…was shot “execution” style by a 73 year old man! He walked right into the guy’s office building…asked to speak to him (Troy VanderStelt…the 34 yr old). The older guy, put the gun against the 34 yr old’s head and pulled the trigger. He died…and the 73 yr old was immediately brought into custody. This happened in Michigan (July 1)

    Let’s just arm everyone (NOT!)


  2. thomas jay says:

    i was arrested recently in new york visiting family, and i was arrested for having a gun on me. i showed the officers my gun permit from GA but i was still taken to jail. i was bonded out but i am now facing jail time, can anyone pleae give me advice on wha ti should do about this.
    thank you thomas

  3. This is a link to the New York State Bar Association page about their Lawyer Referral and Information Service that may be able to help connect you with someone who can give you legal advice:


  4. lestro says:

    From the Associated Press:
    A federal judge has upheld a gun ban at the world’s busiest airport in Atlanta.

    A gun rights group sued the city and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport over the ban, claiming a new state law allowed people with concealed weapons permits to carry guns in certain areas of the airport.

    But U.S. District Judge Marvin Shoob ruled today that allowing guns at the airport could cause “a serious threat to public safety and welfare.”

    The law that took effect last month allows residents who have passed criminal background checks to carry concealed weapons onto mass transit, as well as into state parks and restaurants that serve alcohol.

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