hooray, it’s Monday

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Let’s have a riot for food, since nobody is expecting such a thing:

“We’re still trying to figure out why so many people showed up.”

Since the economy is going so great, food prices are so low and that price of gas makes us the envy of the world…

Milwaukee police said they have restored order but will remain outside of the Marcia P. Coggs Human Services Center after a crowd awaiting free food vouchers became unruly this morning.

it just makes no sense that 2,500 people would show up at a welfare office first thing on a Monday morning, and then start rushing the door…

Police responded to the building about 7 a.m. after 2,500 people lined up on the sidewalk and eventually began to block traffic in the street. A number of people had rushed the door, and some people became caught in the crush; however, there were no serious injuries, according to Schwartz.

because it’s not like a chance for affordable housing:

In a steady stream over two days, about 3,700 people took applications, all hoping theirs will be one of the 300 drawn in a waiting list lottery for housing in Plymouth.

The turnout was a sign of a growing metro-area problem: a shortage of affordable housing. In fact, experts had predicted it. Each time a housing authority opens its Section 8 wait list, applicants overwhelm it.

you’d think that people were desperate or something:

Dramatic evidence of the post-Katrina shortage of affordable housing was on view Wednesday in Kenner, where thousands of people — far more than usually turn out for this yearly event — queued up for the chance to apply for housing vouchers.

… The crowds, who first began lining up on Tuesday, were generally well-behaved. But five people were arrested Tuesday and Wednesday for disturbing the peace, said Police Chief Steve Caraway. Four were from New Orleans and one from Baton Rouge.

“It’s larger than ever before,” Caraway said, surveying the crowd just before the office started taking applications at 9 a.m. “They’re telling us there’s people from five different states here.”

since it’s not like this kind of “surprise” hasn’t happened before:

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