afternoon cartoons

by twit

Remember that game Space Invaders? Yeah, the twit used to like it, too. But now McCain’s campaign website has a little game we can play, called “Pork Invaders,” where you can deploy “veto power” to kill lines and lines of cute little pigs.

On a lighter note, this video might be called “Fun with censor bars” and it features “naked people dancing around,” of course:

via via Jezebel

and in case anyone cares, McCain girl’s superpower is having her boobs inflate when she gets angry:

via Wonkette

then there’s this hot new fad, and while filming it and then posting to youtube may be a new development, since the dawn of electric dryers, this is the sole reason younger siblings were ever created:

via Weberence

aaannd from the Guardian on June 20, 2008, a short clip from the upcoming Futurama DVD Release, “A Beast with a Billion Backs.”

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