Classics of Western Literature in the 21st Century

by Loadz

Who knew that a random spam e-mail could be so beautiful…

Although it’s not much for rhyming, the imagery it invokes is a weird and wonderful thing. I call it “Cassette of Inadequacy” and have carefully transcribed it here:

It debris? or was.

Is occasional is exponential.

Or readily The brevet.

Which in rive. Or do confluence.

But in bottleneck philosopher highly.

happen a lullaby.

Is distal my sensible. But exhibitor?

Are on neck whites.

Have flannel Be radar.

I buffalo.

his do increasingly.

To be strive inventive cognition. backbone or smashing. an punishing, bubble go isle.

At missy?

at He.

On grapple at everlasting.

The anyone On candlelight. Go at especial.

A no oblique.

Go the italic gale mold.

problematic in panda.

On salaried? the Have.

I estrogen so always.

Of favours Or silver.

My be adversary.

A so hideous.

He a refine notification peach.

speaker is perception. Or dilemma

to bracelets. I persistent?

Is no award quay.

In myth On sack. Be attach.

No it seine.

Or in heat shutdown blackberry.

cassette of inadequacy.

be regulation, injunction on gamble.

With operator.

A or empower, bilingual.

Or crank cigar.

I ballot an fasten surge.

A do procedure mango bloodstream.

probably it constrain.

anthrax tranquil at burnt.

He it subsistence channel.

Go on on avert be fulfill. But so mourn.

He or shame inappropriate tropical.

her as cerebral trust labyrinth.

mahogany on muted.

counterfeit it chess album.

Be torture.

As duty glaucoma itinerary.

it stature? is My.

Be reluctance the regency.

A anarchist by judo.

To on levy. Not at sink.

was or inactive communicable supportive.

greenhouse be made.

Of sewer? do With.

Not elephant as loaf.

On merchant As popcorn.

But or bourbon. In do underwear.

On go detail powerful boar.

disgrace my reconnaissance.

Be chef no thirteen.

Or an he medial do dishonesty.

He by block.

In is infectious motivate addiction.

I or sector enjoy displacement.

profession do preparation

disclose an reel maniac.

To cleaner.

do hire inflict clueless.

Go hobby. Or to hooker, needless.

Not arsenal modern.

But progression be kick twister.

it the believer reprint antacid. isolate he condom.

greed advise go castle.

Is no rocket well.

I maple? No is slang quote.

Which trimming

Or waiter. on jumps. Which is state.

On go nine chevalier empire.

raspberry the aspen.

be observable, similarity no underwear.

Which hornet? Be by serif unnecessary.

Or effect In sustain. you respect.

On my contradiction.

Of at beaten prepared casing.

fulfill the crescent. be spirituality, tendency by serve.

Wow, are you still here? Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it. I don’t know art, but I know what I like…


One Response to Classics of Western Literature in the 21st Century

  1. this is epic. and truly weird and wonderful.

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