the twit reads the news

by twit

whoops: Those levees they had thought would hold the Des Moines river back have breached. Total evacuation has been ordered and is well underway in affected areas due to the coordinated efforts of the earlier voluntary evacuations and the police going door-to-door before dawn to wake and assist the people still there. The BBC has video from Cedar Rapids.

damn: Tim Russert is dead. Long live Tim Russert:

What we hope to do in this campaign is recognize there are big differences on big issues between John McCain and Barack Obama – the war in Iraq, Iran, Social Security, taxes. You don’t need to get into this other stuff. If it does surface, then I think the mainstream media has an obligation not to just instinctively put it out there without vetting it.

wow: Protests in Tibet continue, including a report about a monk using a sword to defend himself from officials attempting his arrest and then managing to escape into the mountains before 200 Chinese officers arrived.

yeah right: The Prime Minister of Iraq raises the possibility that the US will be told to get the fuck out of Iraq at the end of the year, and Sadr makes it clear that the only weapons he plans to keep are the ones his army will use to kill American ‘occupiers.’

fuck: Afghanistan: Going so badly it almost doesn’t make sense.

now it makes sense: George Bush responds to the historic moment of Obama’s nomination as the Democratic Party candidate for President of the United States, in June, by making damn sure to find a way to pointedly ignore it by declaring June 2008 to be “Black Music Month.”

hmm: maybe he is just feeling sulky about human rights being enforced for inmates at Gitmo. A tentative sigh of relief is enjoyed by all, even if they don’t appreciate what it means to have the right to challenge a substantial deprivation of liberty. That is why we like to call it the romper room

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