Father’s Day Cartoon

by twit

From Cousino’s Firearms, a video featuring the best dad in the whole world, as well as delightful displays of automatic weaponry, many, many things exploding, those laser tracer bullets and other jaw-dropping displays of American firepower.

The video does start quite loudly, so you may want to be ready to turn down the volume…

via Wonkette


3 Responses to Father’s Day Cartoon

  1. Teresa says:

    Beautiful and overwhelming.

    On a flip side, it scares me. Have mixed feelings.

    Love the images and sounds, then human voices mixed with..-It makes you think, what else can be more advanced, more killing-effective…

    …How else will science manifest its top achievements?

    Thanks, great visual insights!

  2. That was awesome. Glad to know he’s teaching his daughter the important things in life.

  3. One of my favorite moments in the video starts around 2:30 – when the luckiest daughter ever takes a little break from shooting that huge automatic cannon thing, and she shakes her hands, like they hurt a little, but then she gets right back to shooting after that. It seems like such a victory over how the stereotypical girl tends to get raised and I think it is great.

    And I love this video because this is America and this is freedom. It also is pretty compelling evidence that an army trying to invade the Midwest would have one hell of a fight on its hands.

    and I am partial to the slogan “Keep Guns and Abortion Safe and Legal” but I figure that is a story for another day…

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