To my sisters planning to vote for McCain

by twit

I realize it hurts that Hillary didn’t get the nomination, especially after all of the early media attention that said she was the inevitable candidate. It was a historical moment on its own, providing clear evidence of the cultural shift that finally allowed a woman to become known as the most credible candidate for the  Democratic ticket.

I realize that she was going to vindicate every woman, create a victory for every female held back and left behind by this sexist culture of ours. She called much-needed attention to the inequalities faced by women in America and the unfulfilled promises of liberty and justice for all.

Now the internet is ablaze with former Hillary supporters promising to either vote for McCain, to not vote at all or to write in Hillary on election day. As a woman, from my heart to yours, I ask you to remember why you supported Hillary in the first place. You care about the plight of women, you are sick and tired of being treated like a second-class citizen, you want change to come and you want it now.

I ask you to consider how staying home on election day, writing Hillary in or voting for McCain abandons that clarion call.

Will you work further destruction on your sisters and daughters in order to protest Hillary’s loss of the nomination? Will you work to secure a darker future for all women, now that your first choice is no longer available?

The Guardian reports on June 5, 2008 that McCain “has promised to appoint only conservative judges to the supreme court – a key aspiration of anti-abortionists,” and he “has said he favours a constitutional amendment to ban abortion in almost all cases.”

The current alignment of the Supreme Court is already grim when it comes to the most fundamental tenet of female equality – that we have the right to choose our own destiny. It is likely that the next President will have at least one opportunity to appoint a Justice to the United States Supreme Court.

We risk a return to the incomprehensible days of when women were legally considered second-class citizens, deprived of control over their own bodies and forced to seek unsafe methods to terminate  a pregnancy. If you are a supporter of women’s rights, I don’t have to convince you of how real this threat is.

There are a multitude of other policy issues that McCain supports that are contrary to the interests of women in general and the country as a whole. For example, “in April, he skipped a Senate vote on giving women equal pay for equal work, arguing that it would encourage litigation. He has opposed every attempt to raise the minimum wage since it was last increased in 1997.”

But that is only the beginning: “McCain has voted to restrict union rights across the US, has backed cuts in health provision for the elderly, supports the burden of health insurance being taken away from employers and put on the shoulders of individuals.”

There is also the abundant evidence concerning McCain’s personal character, which at its core appears to be the definition of sexism and misogyny. Let’s not forget the “joke he told to a Republican fund-raiser at the time of the Monica Lewinsky scandal: “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?” he japed. “Because her father is Janet Reno.”” Apparently, that is the nature of McCain’s sense of humor.

Then there is this report, confirmed by three journalists:

McCain’s wife Cindy was playfully twiddling with his hair one day. “You’re getting a little thin up there,” she said. McCain grew red in the face and replied: “At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt.”

Whether you vote for him, for Hillary or don’t vote at all, you abandon the rights and future of women to a man who can’t even provide basic respect to his current wife. It is also important to look beyond the reports of his hateful comments to his reported life choices, including how he has treated his first wife. McCain’s conduct to his first wife has been described as “brutal,” and he has confirmed that he cheated on her while she recuperated from a terrible car accident that left her disfigured for life.

She forgives him, but can you? On behalf of all women, can you support a man like this?

If you are true to the reasons you supported Hillary, if you truly care about the fate of women in America, then it is time to let go of the disappointment and frustration that Hillary didn’t make it this year.

If you support McCain by your affirmative vote or refusal to cast one for Obama, understand that it will appear that the only possible justification for your abandonment of women is that it is far more important to keep a nigger out of the White House.

I couldn’t possibly offend you with my use of that horrible word. The fate of women is not your true concern if you now support John McCain for President. Obama is the candidate who will work hard for the equality of all people, his record and policies make that clear.

To abandon Obama and the Democratic Party in order to support John McCain leads to but one conclusion: you are willing to sacrifice freedom and equality for all women before you let a nigger hold the highest office.

I say that horrible word again because I’m trying to speak in a language you might understand.

Don’t think for a moment that your racism isn’t shining through every shrill promise you make to work against Obama. Your motives are obvious if you try to claim that your support for McCain is a protest on behalf of women’s rights.

4 Responses to To my sisters planning to vote for McCain

  1. Grace says:

    Your letter was good until you started accusing your “sisters” of being racist if they voted for McCain. Yes, I perfectly understand your frustration, because I wouldn’t vote for him either. He is a jerk, sexist, and traumatized war hero who never got treatment to get rid of his inner demons.

    My problem w/ your accusations of racism is that first, you don’t seem to give people the benefit of the doubt, and second, that the best way to bring people to your side is not by laveling or judging them, but trying to listen to their concerns even though you may totally disagree w/them. If I were one of those women thinking of voting for McCain and I read right up to the point before you started mentioning the “hear, say” McCain’s sexist comments, or the accusations of bigotry, you would have definetely convinced me. Barack Obama has consistently talked about reaching out to people we may disagree with without being disagreeable. And this is “change I can believe in.” Good luck to you.

  2. duly noted. and I appreciate your comment. It is well past time to move on from the politics of division and that is my ultimate point.

    This is my expression of frustration with the self-mutilation by many who claim the banner of the women’s rights movement. From my perspective, it is an ugly thing to behold so many claiming that their work against Obama is somehow on behalf of women and equality.

    When it is so clear that it is not the case. Supporting McCain by a vote or staying home will harm women and everyone in this country. I am surprised to hear that people think they will somehow make it possible for Hillary to run in 2012 if they give McCain the reins in protest of her failing to win the nomination, as if we have the time to spare.

    The world doesn’t have four years to wait. Our troops overseas, our veterans at home, our kids, people working for minimum wage, people without health insurance, none of them have four more years to wait for a chance that Hillary might get elected against an incumbent President. It is also too great a risk to take to hope that the current Justices on the Supreme Court can wait that long.

    There is so much at stake, it leaves me questioning the motives of those who at first claimed to support Hillary on behalf of women, who now in protest threaten not only women but the entire nation and by extension the world. A vote for McCain is a vote for ongoing and expanding war, something we know must end as quickly and safely as possible.

    This is a challenge to Hillary supporters to explain themselves. If it isn’t racism, then what is the motivation? I want to know how people who were at first against the war, for sane economic policies and supportive of fostering greater equality have now abandoned those critical issues.

    The thing is, the information I cite about McCain is readily available, and it hasn’t seemed to derail the momentum of the former Hillary supporters to do what they can to work against Obama.

    My point is what it looks like. I’m trying to hold a mirror up to the ideas expressed by people claiming to switch from Hillary to McCain or not voting at all. It can’t be because of support for women, it can’t be due to opposition to the war, it can’t be based in immediate concern for the fate of this nation.

    I realize that a lot of it is anger and frustration after investing in a champion who ultimately did not win. It is to those people that I make my point, to say look at what your anger looks like. It looks as irrational as racism.

    I have gone to the extreme because all the information that is already out there about McCain has not been enough to derail the suicide cult that is developing within the Democratic Party.

    I appeal to the roots that Democrats share, specifically to the dedication to the cause of equal rights and the civil rights movements. It is that heritage that gave us the choice between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, that made us so wealthy with opportunity in the first place.

    I want Hillary supporters who now work against Obama to deny that they are racist, then explain to themselves about what they are doing if that is the case. I want to know why they are risking everything we have worked so hard for, that our parents fought for, went to jail for and lost their lives for.

    I agree that it is not particularly clear that Democrats get the benefit of the doubt from a writer like myself. I was hoping that someone like you would come along to help make it clear that the Democrat Party’s pride is its dedication to civil rights. That is ultimately what I am getting at.

    It is my hope that we can reject the ugliness and internal divisions and instead unite under the banner of what is best for this country and this world.

    I thank you again for your comment and I hope that I am not the only one who has the chance to reflect on the wisdom of your advice.

  3. Ben K says:

    sisters, dont change your mind

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