Fun with Mobile Phones

by twit

I realize neurosurgeons have their reasons for using earpieces or speakerphone instead of putting their mobile phones right next to their ears, but this is getting ridiculous. If placing four cel phones around a few popcorn kernels and calling them all at the same time actually causes the kernels to start popping, maybe those doctors have something of a point…

Videos via Weberence:

Whether these videos are hoaxes seems like a very open question. I suppose this is a good reason to bring some popcorn kernals to a bar one night, because surely one can find the eight phones and enthusiastic participants there.

UPDATE: via Weberence, it turns out these are just “viral” advertisements for earpieces and headsets.

2 Responses to Fun with Mobile Phones

  1. weberence says:

    Dear Kiwi :) I would like to thank you one more time for linking to weberence. Keep up the nice work on your blog :)

  2. cheers and thank you, Weberence. You do a magnificent job collecting up the wonders these internets have to offer, it is always a treat to visit.

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