The Clintons begin work for the GOP

by twit

Thank goodness Bill and Hillary have shot their credibility to shit, but this video is still a tripped out exploration of the kind of damage that the Clinton campaign has managed to accomplish.

Via McClatchy on June 4, 2008:

Get ready for a special guest star in the Republican campaign against Democrat Barack Obama: Hillary Clinton.

Months of bare-knuckled campaign fights, pitched rhetoric and debate jousting produced a treasure chest of sound bites and videos of Clinton ripping Obama as inexperienced, elitist or simply wrong on various issues.

Now that the Democratic primaries are over and Obama has clinched his party’s nomination, the Republicans are ready to pounce.

The Republican National Committee on Wednesday rolled out new ads quoting Clinton criticizing Obama, the first of what likely will be many such ads.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    John A Sutherland I like it

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