The New York Times reports from the future

by twit

As far as I can tell, it is still Tuesday around here, and it is hardly Wednesday enough on the east coast to be referring to it as “early morning,” yet the NYT says this:

Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton talked early Wednesday morning by telephone. He congratulated her…

which is hilarious on its own, but still…

update: the NY Post tries harder:

He tried to call her twice following the speech – but got her voicemail. She finally returned the call as his plane was about to fly out of St. Paul to Washington.

update: MSNBC gets the job done:

Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton spoke by telephone just after midnight on Wednesday.


2 Responses to The New York Times reports from the future

  1. derek says:

    Chances are the NYT is going off of New York time. For example, I am in California and it is 10 to midnight here, which makes it 10 to 3AM in New York

  2. that bit I get.

    the NYT, on the other hand, made me wonder what day it was. And for that, I upbraid them on the sloppy writing that makes the time of the conversation sound far more civilized than it possibly could have been.

    Taking sandpaper to the truth is a bad habit, in my humblest of opinions.

    here’s an example of how it can be done better, courtesy a real newspaper:

    “With the final primary concluded barely hours before, top Democratic Party leaders in Washington early this morning ratcheted up the pressure to force all remaining uncommitted superdelegates to make their choice of candidate known by Friday…”

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