could this possibly be real?

by loadz and by twit


by twit:

it just seems waaaaaaaay too gross to be real:

What happens to all the moisture when a juicy hunk of sirloin is transformed into chewy beef jerky? Truth is, we don’t know. But the salty, savory flavor of this vitamin and mineral packed concoction will make you think we collected all that sweet, meaty juice just for you.

via weberence

by loadz:

Dammit, now I’m just disappointed.

Looks like Meat Water is merely a dream. Instead of waking up tomorrow and reaching for pork flavored water, I’ll just have to have toast. Fuck.

It’s the work of an photographer/artist Till Krautkramer. His Web page is here.

He does some pretty fucked up shit though. Check this site out.

This is my favorite:

by twit:

The Telegraph is all over it:

Bloggers have pointed out several anomalies on the website which suggest that Meatwater may be too absurd an idea to be true.

For instance, the makers claim they are planning to build a “snail-friendly manufacturing facility” in China to produce the escargot drink. They also make boasts about the drinks’ health-giving properties that would make even the most shameless advertising man blush.

“By drinking Meatwater you can cut down on exercising and eating time, and have more time to enjoy yourself,” the website claims.

A little digging reveals that the festival at which the drink was launched – Fusion 5 – was not a grocery trade fair but an exhibition for young artists.

Perhaps the most conclusive evidence that Meawater is not real is that the website offers no option to actually buy the drink; the only item listed in the “Shop” section is a T-shirt.

the drink advertised as Texas BBQ with peyote flavoring was a clue, I admit.


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