Stripteasin’ for Justice

by twit

The campaigners in their pants

from the BBC:

Campaign group Pants to Poverty said the “pantathlon” showed “the unfinished business of third world debt”

… “Ten years ago this same weekend, 70,000 people gave birth to a new phase in the fight against poverty.

“This event shows our committed ‘panters’ are prepared to drop their clothes to drive governments to drop the debt.”

Craig Haynes, 22, of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, was one of those taking part.

He said: “We’re here, not to expose ourselves, but to expose injustice.”

the clinton campaign takes a great leap forward

by lestro

yet, somehow more Mao than I expect they’d have hoped:

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“guitarzan is my president”

by lestro

According to a report in today’s LA Times, right-wing rocker Ted Nugent is apparently a favorite to take over for moses the next time the NRA membership votes for a president:

Though Nugent has not sought the presidency of the NRA (the next election is in 2009), he believes that “right now, if you literally took a membership vote of the NRA and said who would you like to be president, you’re talking to the guy that would win.”

Nugent is, of course, an outspoken NRA member and proudly talks about only eating food he himself hunts and kills, which I can’t help but respect.

But there is apparently another challenger, Magnum PI himself:

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