I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want Hillary Clinton waiting around for me to die

by lestro

As Hillary Clinton rolls to another victory among stupid white people (sorry West Virginia, but I call them like I see them: You are 95 percent white, only 15 percent of you went to college and you are a full 5 percent below national average on high school graduates) in a state that leans so red it isn’t even considered a swing state, a new Gallup poll says that a majority of Democrats want Hillary as Obama’s Veep:

“A new Gallup poll shows 55 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents surveyed think Obama should offer the New York senator a spot on his ticket.”

but the next sentence explains how that could possibly be true:

“That number is significantly influenced by Clinton’s supporters — close the 75 percent of her backers want the No. 2 spot to be offered, while only 43 percent of Obama supporters feel the same.”

It means like their candidate, Hillary supporters can’t let go. They are clinging tenaciously to the idea that she could still get back in the White House, that it’s not over, that she didn’t lose, couldn’t lose.

A majority of Obama supporters, meanwhile, seem to want a clean break and want to turn the page.

Imagine that.

Given what people say about the Clintons and their power-hungry ways, I certainly wouldn’t want a Clinton sitting around waiting for me to die so she could take over things, especially given her recently re-discovered gun toting love, the recent vice-presidential history of shotgun mishaps and the fact that her base seems to be growing increasingly racist.

Victoria Switzer, a retired social studies teacher, was on phone-bank duty one night during the Pennsylvania primary campaign. One night was all she could take: “It wasn’t pretty.” She made 60 calls to prospective voters in Susquehanna County, her home county, which is 98 percent white. The responses were dispiriting.

One caller, Switzer remembers, said he couldn’t possibly vote for Obama and concluded: “Hang that darky from a tree!”

(Even SNL noticed, by the way, listing as one of the reasons for a Clinton candidacy that her supporters “are racist” and won’t vote for Obama in the fall. The other reasons, by the way, were “I am a sore loser” and “I have no ethical standards.”)

Now, I’m not saying all Hillary supporters are racists or that Obama would be in any danger.

But I’m just saying…

6 Responses to I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want Hillary Clinton waiting around for me to die

  1. Paul says:

    No Hillary as VP. I am not even sure giving her an advisory position would be a good idea because she would still try to be more annoyingly vocal than the position calls for. Maybe an ambassadorship to far, far away would be ok.

  2. Paul says:

    By the way, I happened to stumble across your blog and I really dig it. Keep up the great work.

  3. humboldtsquid says:

    Obama ought to pull a “Bush” for the VP spot and ask Colin Powell to serve.

    That my friends, would be the cat’s meow, the checkmate, the “I ain’t bullshittin'” move. Plus, it would drive the liberals into a self-affirming froth while the conservatives would just be beside themselves. McCain might even vote for an Obama/Powell ticket. Now, aside from Powell’s UN presentation; “Iraq has aluminium tubes, which could be used in centrifuges to purify plutonium for nuclear weapons, or simple science experiments, but for today, we’ll assume they are being used for nuclear weapons…,” Powell has a spotless reputation and is well respected throughout the world. Plus, he may have a coherent strategy about the war and any future actions as well as being able to stare down anyone who has the nerve to look him square in the eye.

  4. Paul,

    seriously, I wouldn’t want Hillary anywhere near the White House, at least without someone supervising her at all times. and thank you for your kind words about the Kiwi.


    I think you raise a tantalizing idea. Given how much Hillary is behaving like an irrational hostage-taker, bringing in someone like Powell certainly seems like a reasonable idea.

    Hillary is such an extortionist:

    From the Nation on May 8:

    “Others whisper that she hopes by soldiering on to make a deal with the Obama campaign that, in return for a.) her withdrawal and b.) her promise to stump for him against McCain, her campaign debts will be taken care of and she will be repaid the money she loaned herself.”

    she’s going to try to “leverage” the date of when she ends the campaign – let her be veep or she keeps going…

    From CNN on May 11:

    “Clinton “is trying to figure out how to land the plane without looking like surrender,” a prominent figure in the Obama camp said Friday. This means, in all likelihood, bringing her campaign to a close in the next few weeks and trying to leverage her way onto an Obama ticket from a position of maximum strength, said several knowledgeable sources.”

    It would take something as historic as picking Powell for veep to stop the runaway train that the Clinton campaign has become.

  5. loomisnews says:

    LOL! you know you’re going to Clinton hell for those remarks.

    Clinton hell is where there’s TV sets but no news media or reporters at all. And no mirrors. And no interns.

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