New York Football Giants and The Democrats

by the squid

I am a New York Giants fan. I am more Democrat than Republican, but I do want a Democrat to win the White House. However, I am definitely a Giants fans.

All the Giants fans I know were happy, thrilled in fact, to see the Giants get to this years Super Bowl. We all gathered together, wore our jerseys and settled in for a nice Rocky vs. The Russian battle. But as Giants fans, we have gotten pretty used to having a talented football team find novel ways to blow leads or execute plays poorly and finally lose games which should have been won.

We saw it with the Panthers a few years ago; and lets not forget Junkin, the long snapper who flubbed two long snaps in a row in a tie game with no time left; that game ended with a wayward field goal attempt. As a Giants fans, one does not celebrate until the score is in our favor and the clock reads “0:00.”

This year, the Patriots with their golden boy quarterback Tom Brady and an undefeated season looked to smack around the Giants and waltz into the history books. We Giants fans thought the same and only hoped the loss would be admirable and tolerable. We were prepared, as Giants fans always are, for a new and novel defeat. As the loss comes, we always lean back and say, “Well, that was interesting. How will we lose next week.”

I feel the same about the Democrats. Somehow, someway, they always find a way to lose and I feel by having both Hillary and Barack running they will do just that; Lose a White House bid to more of the same Republican propaganda. The media loves that both Hillary and Barack are running. It makes for GREAT television, and it makes for great conversation. Hillary and Barack are breaths of fresh air in a stagnant room, but the reality is that people – voters – are NOT rational.

Intellectuals like to think that voters will go into the voting booth and make a logical, rational decision about where they are now, the country’s present state, and the direction of this great nation as whole. Optimists believe that people will vote for “Change,” and boot the Republican establishment.

However, as a pessimist, I believe that once that curtain closes, and the weight is squarely on their shoulders, that voters will vote for McCain over either Hillary or Barack. In mass quantities. I am predicting a blow-out in this years election. You heard it here first.

Remember the Electoral Colleges of the past. On both coasts, blue for the Democrats with nothing but Red in the middle. The Mid-West and the South is where elections are won and lost. Harold Ford Jr. of Tennessee ran a great Campaign on for Senate but lost an open seat to an inexperienced white guy. Everyone thought he was going to win until a commercial suggesting he was a pimp surfaced. Let’s not forget the Black Republican Michael Steele of Maryland, who was the highest ranking elected African-American Republican as the Lt. Governor of Maryland, ran a great Senate campaign in 2006 for an another open Senate seat. He too lost.

America, for all its “liberal” media, and “holy-than-thou” rhetoric, is a good old boys club where you need to know the secret knock and password to have access to power. I don’t think Barack has it yet, and most people simply dislike Hillary. However, Hillary is most likely the one with the most leverage to get politicians to do what she wants.

So in November, the loyal Giants fan that I am, I’ll cast my vote, and watch the results expecting to see how the Democrats will lose this bid for the White House when everything seemed to be in their favor. However, I hold a glimmer of hope that I will sit in stunned celebration when the Dems win, just as the Giants did.

5 Responses to New York Football Giants and The Democrats

  1. lestro says:

    As a Philadelphia Phillies fan, I have a similar experience. Many years ago when i started taking my then-young cousin to games, I explained to him that as Phillies fans, we should never go to the game expecting them to win. we should go to be at the ballpark and enjoy the game and if they won – which was highly unlikely – it would be a bonus.

    i feel the same way about the dems in this year’s election and agree entirely: the smart money says they will find a way to shoot themselves in the foot, though i am certainly enjoying the campaign so far. it’s been great sport.

    but i have to disagree about the electoral map. that is the way it has been for the past two elections, which have both followed to a ‘T’ the electoral wedge strategies put forth by Karl Rove.

    But it hasn’t always been this way. Clinton won with a much broader collection of states.

    The Clinton Campaign also assumed the Rove way was the way it had to be and ran their primary race accordingly: Go for the big, blue states, hope for a purple one and ignore Flyover Country.

    But once again, they forgot that a bunch of little states working together add up to beat the big ones.

    The Obama campaign, on the other hand, paid attention to the red states and put together coalitions and campaign teams in those states, raising democratic support and the possibility of flipping a few of the red bastards come the fall.

    Let’s hope your Giants mentality is the one that prevails, not my Phillies one. After all, the Giants have gotten to the dance and actually won a few, including last year’s amazing championship run.
    The Phils, meanwhile, are the losing-est franchise in the history of professional sports…

    But it’s a new year and the phils are once again fighting for the NL East and anything is possible.
    And this year, the Dems have an impressive, new game-changing rookie on the scene and are drawing all kinds of new fans.
    Here’s hoping that come November we see a parade in Philadelphia and a changing of the guard in DC…

  2. k@th says:

    frankly, i’m continuing to lose respect for a party that campaigns this ineffectively. these two candidates (one more so than the other, of course) have inflicted some serious damage to each other, to their party, and to themselves, without mccain having to get up from his barcalounger. i have little confidence in systems that can’t see the forest for the trees.

  3. Timothy Muller says:


    I’m writing from the BBC World Service Radio in London, and I think you might just be our ideal guest. We are looking for a New York Giants fan who is also a Democrat to speak after the match tonight, and after McCain’s speech. It would be a pre-recorded (not live) interview sometime around midnight eastern — not very hospitable but the McCain speech ends around 2300. Please feel free to call us here on +44 207 557 3667, or email me on,



  4. Timothy Muller says:

    The above post refers to anybody reading this site!


  5. Tim,

    Thank you for your interest and letting us know about this opportunity. We will let you know if we have a writer available tonight, and we certainly encourage our readers to contact you as well.



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