Live from Philadelphia

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MSNBC reports: “A half-dozen police officers kicked and beat three men pulled from a car during a traffic stop as a TV helicopter taped the confrontation.”

Note to MSNBC: learn how to count, then come back and tell me how many cops appear in the video…

… “On the surface it certainly does not look good in terms of the amount of force that was used,” Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said.

“But we don’t want to rush to judgment.”

so don’t rush to judgment, here’s the video and more from MyFox Philadelphia:

Video: Chase Ends Violently (Viewer Discretion Advised)
Slideshow: Images Of Confrontation
Video: Suspects Taken In Custody
Video: Police Statement About Shooting


4 Responses to Live from Philadelphia

  1. Jay says:

    If the police here in Philadelphia continue to treat people this way, I think we are going to see a rise in the number of police shot while on duty. And honestly, they deserve it.

  2. lestro says:

    while no one supports shooting cops, yes, the Philadelphia PD has a history of treating it’s citizens like second class dogs. From the MOVE bombing in the 80s up through the beatings and shootings of recent years, the Philly PD continues to distinguish itself by being a bunch of world class motherfuckers…

  3. Jay says:

    Let me clarify, I don’t support shooting anybody. I also don’t support beating citizens while they are on the ground. I was simply stating that if the police department continues to abuse citizens, they will not be treated very well.

    How can anyone trust the police when we see videos like this? How many times has this happened without a video camera around?

  4. lestro says:

    you are absolutely right, jay. Why would anyone respect a police department that does not respect its citizenry?

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