Letter to Obama: Fuck these idiots. Go it alone.

by lestro

Sen. Obama –

I recognize that you have secured an insurmountable lead in the pledged delegate count and continue to pull closer in super delegates, but frankly, it is ridiculous it has taken this much time to decide the Democratic Party nomination and even more ridiculous that the super delegates are still squabbling over the best candidate.

The people have spoken and even the pundits have started talking about what anyone with open eyes could see for months.

If the Democratic Party Establishment ignores their own rules and the major in-rush of new voters yearning for something new, something different, then fuck these idiots; Go it alone.

You can win a three-way race between these candidates. Encourage and support Democratic candidates in their races around the country (though there is nothing wrong with supporting a Republican worthy of support), but run on your own. The Red Dawn Generation will follow.

If the Establishment picks the Establishment Candidate, they are obviously no longer the party we need running things.

Go it alone.

Your supporters are fervent. Most of them have been waiting their whole lives to see a candidate who looks like them and understands their world view. For too long we have had to choose between our grandparents and our parents telling us what to do and I am fed up with it. It is time for someone who looks and thinks like us.

And it’s a testament to the good work of the Baby Boomers and the fact that their old ways of thinking are no longer necessary that a white guy from Upstate New York can say that about a black guy from Chicago.

Go it alone.

Let the old warriors fight their old wars for the benefit of the corporate dollar and lobbyist kiss, your support comes from millions of individuals all across the country. And you have more of it than either of the other two, each of whom at some point have had to bail out their flagging campaigns with loans or their own money.

Your core supporters, the Shadow Boomers and Red Dawners are finally ready to take over from our aging and progressively out-of-touch parents.

“Thank you, we’ll take it from here.”

The people currently in their 30s and early 40s are a great overlooked demographic. But watch television, we are the dominant group. The sitcoms are about us. The commercials feature people our age (except the ones selling gray away and adult diapers of course). We are the power generation right now.

The Red Dawn Generation have watched the increasingly stupid battles and bickering of our parents while absorbing their basic message. We are the most progressive, diverse, interconnected, civic-minded, entrepreneurially successful generation in a century.

All of the big ideas, the big companies, the monster success of the present, the Googles, the Yahoos, even the Microsofts and Apples are all Red Dawn and post-boomer companies. Now it’s time to take the reins of government.

Those of us who grew up in Reagan’s America realize we are still living in it and we are done with it. It’s a failure. It’s divisive and it has only made us stupider, fatter and more hostile, and the Boomer’s version hasn’t been any better.

“Thank you. We’ll take it from here.”

Go it alone, Senator.

Beyond your core, you would pull voters from both parties and the vast purple middle, waiting to be inspired. Just like you have all primary season.

Let the Establishment have their candidates. It will force the two parties to work together against you – in fact, it looks like they already are – proving finally and without a doubt that they are two faces sucking the same corporate cock. They will be laid bare as the different masks and outfits carrying different flavors of the same corporate agenda.

And the simple fact that you are NOT a Democrat and/or NOT a Republican is sure to attract its own following.

The Red Dawn Generation is smarter than all these smoke and mirrors. We can Google it to see how these tricks are done and then share it with the entire world in seconds.

Don’t get me wrong, I still go to my parents – Boomers – for advice and wisdom, but the fact is I have my own ideas about the world and how to do things.

The Boomers have become what they hated: Old, increasingly out-of-touch, and doing everything they can to not admit it and stay in power.

It’s a modern world and we need a modern vision and world view. Neither of these parties in their current forms have it.

Fuck these idiots. Go it alone.

Hell, ask Bloomberg to run with you. You’d be unstoppable.

8 Responses to Letter to Obama: Fuck these idiots. Go it alone.

  1. Steve says:

    Here’s the problem, he wouldn’t win a 3 way race. there’s still gonna be at least 40% vote for McCain and if him and Hilary were to both run, it’d be a loss for both.

  2. slowjoe says:

    i love Obama however if he went it alone you will split the democrats in two making him have 25% Hillary 25% and McCain 50% (obviously not accuate numbers but you get the point) look how many independant’s have ever one. i like naders points of veiws on alot of things but it took enough away from gore to make hime lose the election

  3. Steve and slowjoe,

    I think you underestimate the country’s opposition to the Iraq war and how much McCain’s clear commitment to unending war alienates fiscal and foriegn policy conservatives.

    There’s also factors like these, raised by Paul Krugman at the NYT about why the Republicans appear to be in trouble this year:

    “First, votes are affected by the state of the economy — mainly economic performance in the year or so preceding the election.

    Second, the approval rating of the current president strongly affects his party’s ability to hold power.

    Third, the electorate seems to suffer from an eight-year itch: parties rarely manage to hold the White House for more than two terms in a row. ”


  4. Philly says:

    only reason i vote republican is so they can deal with the mexicans

    but mccain has no strong stance on illegal immigration

    so trust me….many republicans are shying away from him

    whats the point of alot of war….no illegal immigrant action…and an old face


    ill support obama if he goes it alone…thats brass balls man…split the damn party in two….ITS ALREADY SPLIT RIGHT NOW

  5. KATHLEEN says:


  6. Ari Neshama says:

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  7. or if that seems a little too complicated, one could just send the 50 bucks to the Kiwi…

    Ari, consider this your only warning. Comments like this, that are so far off topic from the subject of a post, typically get deleted. I’m leaving yours up because I am fascinated by what you write and got to make a promotional pitch for the Kiwi based on your comment.

    In the future, this kind of spam will not be tolerated and will be reported as such.

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