clearly, the end is near

by twit

and I don’t necessarily mean the End Times, but some kind of doom seems to be afoot, given the volume of recent reports of children left far, far behind…

From western Canada, so funny it hurts:

“There’s aliens, real-life aliens on a wall,” one unidentified girl said. “No one believes us.”

Fox “News” recently reached new heights in “making it up as we go along”:

then, our fearlessly unstoppable overlord-to-be still can’t figure out when to quit:

via Boing Boing, now on sale at Ebay:

“I don’t know why I stopped at this particular cashew as I was eating my Trader Joe’s sweet, savory & tart trail mix, but as an artist the unexplainable happens often.

My body is a vessel of creation and expression in tune with everything around me, including what you would see as “just another cashew”

No, something about the shape of this particular cashew reflects the shape of our society.”

The artist expects around a half million dollars, apparently.

via the Consumerist:

Meet Charles Ray Fuller, 21, of Crowley, TX. He was arrested on April 22 after allegedly trying to pass a check for $360 billion at a Forth Worth Chase bank.

and how.

UPDATE! with thanks to Wonkette:

This clip highlights a moment on the trail during the 1992 election, where a hilariously ’90s-outfitted James Carville and George Stephanopoulos are checking out the latest polling figures.

In steps Mickey Kantor, the chairman of Bill’s campaign, to express his views on the good blue-collars of Indiana. They are not only the pride and soul of America, but they are also “shit” and “white niggers.”

update: the video can now be seen here, actually.


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